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Who is Maya Higa Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube Link

Who is Maya Higa Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit and YouTube Link!

The video is going viral on the social media platform and it is related to a social media influencer and also a twitch streamer, so we know that you are also curious about every detail of the video and also about the influencer, her name is Maya Higa.

Recently, she is coming into existence as there are several videos of her that are going viral on Reddit and Twitter platforms and netizens are rushing to the platform to watch her and know more about her. So make sure you read this article till the end. Follow My Morning Tea.

Maya Higa’s viral video

So she has a lot of followers on her Instagram platform and if we talk about her Instagram now she has 247 thousand followers and out of that she is following 958 people and there are 184 posts on her Instagram where we can see her travel to different places as well as her feed, it is really beautiful and engaging. She looks absolutely gorgeous as a confident lady and many fans are getting curious as they want to know more about her personal life.

Who is Maya Higa?

But till now she has kept her personal life very private and away from social media platform and that’s why there is very little information about her and her family members, she was born on 24 May 1998 and is currently 24 years old, she has an American nationality and was born and raised in California. Talking about her educational qualification, she completed her education from California Polytechnic State University and now works as a streamer on Twitter as well as a conservationist.

Maya Higa: Wikipedia & Bio

If we talk about her YouTube channel subscriber, now she has got more than 716,000 subscribers and if we talk about her total views on her channel, about 83.5 million, she also received author awards in 2021. She started streaming on her YouTube in February 2019 and if we talk about the streams she posted, they consisted of various activities like music and conservation awareness.

Talking about her early career, so she was growing significantly when she started streaming, but after she decided to post a falconry video that went viral on the social media platform, she also celebrated her 21st birthday by hosting a charity stream for a homeless clash at five cities and received a lot of attention from the media themselves. With her hard work and talent, she has reached a platform where people know her better because of her live broadcasts.

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