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Where to See Disenchanted

McDreamy returns to the screen as a McPrince? Such is the case, as Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey trades his neurosurgeon scrubs for a prince’s crown in Disenchanted. Find out where you can watch Disenchanted and see this enchanting transformation for yourself.

Disenchanted is the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2007 Disney film that starred Dempsey and Amy Adams and uniquely combined animation with live action. The original film, Enchanted, followed Giselle’s journey as she navigates the stark differences between her animated, fairy-tale hometown of Andalusia and the concrete jungle that is New York City that she found herself in. Along the way, she trades in her talking animal friends for a dreamy prince charming, in the form of a high-powered attorney named Robert, and his adorable daughter Morgan.

See Disenchanted on Disney+

The sequel takes place at a point in time fairy tale lovers rarely get to see, after the happily ever after. Giselle and Robert now have a daughter named Sofia and are learning how to be parents to a now-teenager Morgan. Giselle longs for a little more fairy tale magic in her life and convinces her family to move to Monroeville, a place that feels a little more like a place where people would dance around, fall in love quickly, and talk to animals. Morgan has trouble with the adjustment and in a moment of anger exclaims that Giselle is not her mother but just her stepmother. This leads Giselle to make a wish that her life was like a fairytale, and the wish comes true in ways she would never expect.

Giselle now plays a quintessential role in a fairy-tale, the evil stepmother. Her husband, Robert, is now an overzealous prince, and Morgan is an overworked maid. The story is filled with twists and turns as the group works to go back to the life they once knew. When you want to see all of this unfold for yourself and find out what comes of this fairy tale family, you can check out Disenchanted on Disney+.

Those who have seen the original film might be excited to see Morgan all grown-up on screen. While the actress for Morgan in Disenchanted looks exactly like how you would imagine Morgan to look like as a teenager, it turns out this was the work of some spot-on casting.

Rachel Covey played the adorable and charming Morgan in the original film, Enchanted. In Disenchanted, Morgan is portrayed by the talented Gabriella Baldacchino. So why the switch up?

It is speculated that the reasoning is that Covey is now 23 years old, and the film portrays Morgan as a teenager. Baldacchino was only 19 years old at the time, making her a closer match for the character’s looks at that age. Another possible reason is that Covey’s priorities have shifted beyond acting, as she is now a playwright and composer. Covey is not totally missing from the film, though, and does make a small cameo in Disenchanted.

After the film’s release, Baldacchino has been widely acknowledged as a very close look-alike for young Morgan, so much so that many were surprised to learn that the actress had been recast.

Can’t decide whether you want to watch an animated film or a live-action one? Or in the mood to see Patrick Dempsey, but rewatched Grey’s Anatomy one too many times? If so, Disenchanted is the perfect film to add to your to-watch list.

This whimsical musical filled with feel-good moments that are sure to enchant both fans of the original film and newbies to the story is available for streaming exclusively on Disney+.

See Disenchanted on Disney+

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