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Redeem Your PS5 PlayStation Plus Collection Games Before They’re Gone

The PlayStation Plus Collection has provided a great benefit to PS Plus users who own a PS5, but sadly, all good things must eventually come to an end. The PS Plus Collection has allowed PS Plus subscribers to access a select library of PS4 hits on the PS5, providing an instant library of engaging titles to new console buyers. As is often the case with online game services, however, this selection of games is not going to stick around forever. With PS Plus Collection ending on May 9, PS5 owners need to act now to secure their rewards.

The PlayStation Plus Collection currently contains a diverse selection of 19 major titles, ranging from to the platforming challenge of Ratchet and Clank and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy to the horror of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Until Dawn. PS5 Resolution and Performance Modes allow many PS4 titles to look better and run better on the newer console, making the PS Plus Collection games still work as solid showcases of the console’s potential. This selection of games made a particularly great incentive at the console’s initial release, providing gamers worried about limited launch libraries with a variety of acclaimed titles at the ready.

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Sony announced the PS5’s PlayStation Plus Collection is ending in a Playstation.Blog post, delivering the news at the bottom of an update focused on PS Plus’s monthly games for February. Although the news will likely come as a disappointment to many PS5 owners, it isn’t a huge surprise. The addition of PS Plus Extra and Premium, higher-level tiers that allow access to unique game catalogs, added a focus on incentivizing upgraded subscriptions with classic offerings. The collection’s lack of permanence was also already revealed by the removal of Persona 5 from the PS Plus Collection in 2022, a revelation also delivered in a monthly blog update.

Although the PlayStation Plus Collection is ending, it isn’t too late for PS5 owners to retain access to the included titles. The offer will leave PS Plus on May 9, but any PS Plus subscribers who redeem titles in the collection prior to this date will get to keep them as long as they remain PS Plus members. This grandfathering process avoids pulling the rug from under current PS Plus users who haven’t yet gotten around to redeeming the game and allows people who have been on the fence about the service a chance to subscribe while the benefit is still on the table.

The removal of the PlayStation Plus Collection doesn’t mean the end to the subscription-based availability of all of these games. Some are already available in the PS4 catalog offered by the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers, and it’s possible that others will come to these libraries after the removal of the PS Plus Collection. This does, however, look like the end of the line for accessing these games with the lowest tier of a PS Plus Essential subscription. Playstation Plus subscribers concerned about losing access to these games should act now to secure them for the future.

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