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Natural Way Lawn Reviews

Natural Way Lawn Reviews: NaturaLawn of America may be the correct choice for you if you’re seeking environmentally friendly lawn care services. NaturaLawn of America may have crossed your path if you’re looking for Environmentally friendly lawn maintenance. In the natural lawn care industry, this lawn care company sees itself as a leader, with a single organic lawn care program.

Natural Way Lawn Reviews

This Old House Reviews Team has put together a comprehensive analysis of NaturaLawn of America to help you decide if its plans, pricing, and more are perfect for your needs. With five annual plans to choose from, TruGreen is This Old House Reviews Team’s top choice. Call 1-866-817-2287 or fill out this simple form to get a quote from TruGreen.

NaturaLawn of America’s benefits and drawbacks

  • Products that are safe to use and environmentally friendly are used.
  • A choice among two plans.
  • Only accessible in 22 states.
  • A mobile app or online chat service is not available.
  • NaturaLawn of America has a variety of plans and services available.

NaturaLawn has a reputation for providing environmentally friendly lawn care. NaturaLawn makes use of patented, non-toxic products rather than conventional chemicals. Lawn aeration services are also available from the company’s lawn care programs.

Michigan Lawn Fertilizing

Taking care of your grass is the first step. To grow strong, healthy, and lush, your grass requires more than just sun and water. Our Michigan lawn fertilizer and lawn treatment services feed your grass all season long, making it healthier and greener. D&G Nature’s Way is happy to work with our customers to provide customized lawn care solutions. We value our customers as much as the environment. We assure you that our lawn fertilizer and treatment methods are good for the environment and deliver reliable results.

“Pesticide-Free Lawn Care” Plan #1

Initial steps in this strategy include conducting soil testing in order to assess the lawn’s present health and determine whether or not extra nutrients are required. We will create a customized treatment plan and give organic, natural fertilization based on the results. Weed and pest control are not included in this plan unless requested specifically. Milorganite, a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, is the primary element in the granular fertilizer. A total of eight applications will be submitted each year as part of the strategy. Seven of the treatments involve fertilizer, while one involves a soil supplement.

Natural Way Lawn Reviews
Natural Way Lawn Reviews
  1. “Organic Lawn Care” Program

However, this method incorporates certain low-level insect and weed control agents into the equation. A soil test will be conducted and a treatment plan will be devised by a professional. Organic fertilizer is used only for broadleaf weed management, crabgrass reduction, and insect control, if needed, as part of this plan. Pyrethrins are used to combat pests and weeds. In the long run, NaturaLawn says it uses less herbicide. According to the firm, weeds can be reduced by as much as 85% when only targeted areas are treated. After drying for an hour, the herbicides lose their potency in the soil and are no longer harmful to people or pets.

  1. Aeration Services for Your Lawn

NaturaLawn’s lawn aeration service reduces soil compaction by creating small holes in the ground, allowing your lawn to better absorb water, oxygen, and nutrients. Additionally, NaturaLawn provides fire ant control services. 22 states are covered by NaturaLawn’s services: California; Colorado; Connecticut; Delaware; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Minnesota; New Jersey; New York; North Carolina; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Texas; Vermont; Virginia; and Wisconsin.

Reviews of NaturaLawn of America

For each site where NaturaLawn of America provides services, the company maintains a separate BBB page. According to the BBB, a number of websites are accredited while others aren’t. What do actual customers have to say about us? When there are so many lawn care companies to pick from, finding the correct one can be difficult. In the United States, Trugreen and Natural Lawn of America are two popular options for lawn care. Nearly everything in the continental United States has one or more of these service providers. As for each of them, here’s what you need to know.

Natural Way Lawn Reviews
Natural Way Lawn Reviews

“It would have been great if it worked, but our grass has never looked worse.” Three dogs and the idea of natural lawn care are two of our favorite things in life. After 1.5 years, we decided to give up on the company’s customer service, despite the fact that they kept following up and withdrawing. The grass had become overrun with weeds. After we canceled, which was acknowledged in writing, they continued to bill us for another service that they had mistakenly provided. This was really frustrating. We’ve taken them to the Better Business Bureau after numerous emails and phone calls. Don’t fall prey to this company’s inflated costs and shoddy service! In the words of Dan W.

The only service I’ve ever had done was in ** for mosquito prevention. All summer long, they’ve been coming in. Mosquitoes were a thing of the past for the first time in our lives. Obviously, they didn’t get rid of them all, and there were still some wandering around, but I’ll take one random bite now over 20 bites in five minutes any day. Excellent service; we received a call in advance to let us know when a representative would be arriving. This year, I’m going to sign up for their tick program as well. In the words of Veronika T.

Comparing Trugreen vs. Natural Lawn of the USA

Since its inception in 1987, Natural Lawn of America has grown to include franchises across the United States. Environmentally friendly lawn care methods are the emphasis of this book. Trugreen: There are more than 200 Trugreen locations in the United States, which is an impressive number. Each aspect of your lawn is covered by their lawn care plans. There are no landscaping services offered by Natural Lawn of America. There are two types of organic lawn care available: pesticide-free and organic. Pest and weed control are not included in any of the programs unless requested.

Natural Way Lawn Reviews
Natural Way Lawn Reviews


It’s difficult to come up with reliable ratings for the businesses. There are both positive and negative evaluations for both. Due to the fact that they are franchises, the ratings may change depending on the area. You’ll have to do some digging to find the right service provider. Natural Lawn of America specializes in organic lawn care, whereas Trugreen offers a variety of options based on your lawn’s specific requirements. In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, Green Lawn Fertilizing is available for service. Unlike Natural Lawn, which provides landscaping services, Trugreen doesn’t. It treats grass diseases and insects as well as weeds and fertilizes and aerates the lawn.

We have come to this conclusion

It received an 80.5 out of 100 in terms of service, state availability, customer service, and other important parameters. NaturaLawn may be a good fit if you’re seeking organic and natural lawn care options. The Organic Lawn Care Plan, on the other hand, includes weed control and pest management, which aren’t completely organic but are still effective. Since 1987, NaturaLawn has been competing with TruGreen, which has been in business for more than 30 years. The product is exclusively sold in 22 states. Because of these factors, TruGreen is This Old House Reviews Team’s top pick. Use this form or call 1-866-817-2287 for a quotation from our top pick, TruGreen.

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