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How To Beat Cliff In Pokémon GO (February 2023)

Leader Cliff and Team Go Rocket are back once again in February 2023 for Trainers to take on in Pokémon Go. Along with fellow leaders Arlo and Sierra, Cliff shouldn’t provide many problems for Trainers that bring an optimal team. By using Pokemon and counters in a battle with an advantage over Cliff’s lineup, Trainers should be able to come out on top.

Cliff’s team in Pokémon GO has changed from January 2023 as part of the Team Go Rocket takeover event, meaning the leader will start the battle with Electric- and Steel-type Magnemite in February. After defeating the Generation 1 Pokémon, Trainers will go up against one of Omastar, Venusaur, or Pinsir. Finally, Cliff’s last Pokemon will be either, Sharpedo, Camerupt, or Tyranitar, giving the leader a range of types that Trainers need to prepare for.

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Cliff’s latest team will provide a challenge for Trainers, but several Pokémon have similar weaknesses making him easier to overcome. Cliff needs to be defeated for Trainers to have the opportunity to face Team Go Rocket Leader Giovanni in Pokémon GO. According to Dexerto, Cliff’s opening Pokémon Magnemite and two of his potential second Pokémon are all weak to Fire-types, meaning Trainers should include one when selecting a party. Combing this with a Pokémon with Ground-type moves should allow Trainers to defeat Cliff the first time of asking.

Trainers’ most significant hurdle is Cliff’s possible third Pokémon, Tyranitar, so it can be worth including a strong Fighting-type in case required. Cliff will also be easier to defeat in battle if Trainers match up Pokémon with move sets of the same type. Trainers had the opportunity to obtain Tyranitar in the recent Pokémon GO Larvitar Classic Community Day event.

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Source: Dexerto

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