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Galaxy S23 Pre-Order Deals At T-Mobile: These Are The Best Ones

The new Samsung Galaxy S23 series is here, and it starts from $799.99, which might be too steep for some customers, but the pre-order deals at T-Mobile make getting hands on the new Galaxy S23 series easier. Samsung’s latest flagships come with a super bright AMOLED display, a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, and versatile triple or quad camera setups. Although the company hasn’t increased the price of its premium smartphone series, the Galaxy S23 series models, including Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra, start from $999.99 and $1,199.99, respectively.

First, let’s discuss the pre-order deals T-Mobile offers on the regular Galaxy S23. Upon adding a new Magenta MAX line, customers can get $800 off the Galaxy S23 via 24 bill credits. Users can even get up to 50 percent off, i.e., up to $400, when adding a new line on most plans. None of the Galaxy S23 pre-order deals require users to trade in their current smartphones. For more details, users can visit T-Mobile’s website or stores.

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For the Galaxy S23 Plus, the company provides up to $1000 off with an eligible trade-in on the Magenta MAX plan (via 24 monthly bill credits). The discount covers the phone’s cost, making it easier for users planning to get the model with a larger screen and battery. However, those who wish to explore other plans might still get up to 50 percent off, i.e., up to $500 on most plans, with eligible trade-in. Overall, T-Mobile offers the Galaxy S23 for free on adding a new Magenta MAX line and the Galaxy S23 Plus for free on trading in an old smartphone.

A similar offer is available for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. While T-Mobile is not offering the phone for free, those who get a new line on a Magenta MAX plan can get $800 off the smartphone’s retail price via 24 monthly bill credits, bringing its effective cost comes down to $399.99 for the 256GB variant and $579 for the 512GB model. Another pre-order deal offers a free memory upgrade: customers can get the 256GB Galaxy S23 for the price of 128GB, i.e., $799.99. Similarly, customers can purchase Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 512GB model for the cost of the 256GB model.

The free memory upgrade is available for a limited time; hence T-Mobile users planning to purchase a Galaxy S23 model should be quick. While buyers can pre-order the Galaxy S23 series now, it will be available starting Feb. 17. Those purchasing any of the Galaxy S23 series phones will get four color options to choose from: black, green, lavender, and cream.

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