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Frasier Heads Back To Cheers' Boston In New Reboot Teaser Image

A brand new revival image reveals that Frasier heads to Cheers‘ Boston in his Paramount+ reboot. Before Kelsey Grammer’s snooty psychiatrist moved to Settle to be with his family, he was based in the East Coast city, where he mingled with the regulars at the Cheers bar. Spending time with the likes of Sam, Carla, and Norm subtly impacted him, making him even just a little like them, resulting in a toned-down version of the character in Frasier. This worked well for his dynamics with his father, Marty, and brother, Niles.

Paramount+ reveals a new first teaser image for the revival show confirming that Frasier returns to Cheers‘ Boston. Check out the image below:

The new image comes shortly after the Frasier reboot pilot’s title was revealed. Called “The Good Father,” it’s a reference to the original show’s premiere, which was titled “The Good Son.” It’s likely an indication of what the reboot’s central relationship will be, which is Frasier’s dynamic with Freddy.

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Specific plot details for the Frasier reboot are still tightly under wraps. However, certain elements of the show have been revealed in the last few months. That includes the unfortunate news that none of the original series’ stars, outside of Grammer, will be regulars on the Paramount+ project and that the narrative will take place in an entirely different city. Given the latter, this new revelation is quite confusing. If anything, it’s surprising that the Frasier reboot is even revisiting Boston considering that there are no official plans for a Cheers reunion or the creation of another spinoff.

That being said, assuming that Frasier makes at least a pitstop at his old stomping grounds, it’s curious if this means that familiar faces from Cheers will appear on the reboot. It would be nice to see Frasier catch up with his old bar mates like Cliff, Norm, Woody, and even Sam — all of whom made respective guesting stints on Cheers‘ spinoff sitcom. Perhaps a cameo from Lilith is also in the cards considering that she stayed on the East Coast on the heels of her separation from Frasier. It was where she primarily raised Freddy, which could be a jumping-off point for the upcoming Paramount+ show. If she returns, it would be interesting to see how time has changed their dynamic.

Whether Boston is actually Frasier’s final destination in the reboot is uncertain at this point. There’s a reason why he moved away from the city; coming back would result in all sorts of narrative issues, including the need to see him fully reconnecting with his pals from Cheers. It would be better if the Frasier reboot took place elsewhere to separate it from all the shows that Frasier Crane has been on before.

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