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Forspoken: The Best (& Easiest) Ways to Increase Combat Grade

In Forspoken, Frey will fight many battles and each one of them will receive a combat grade. This can be any battle, from an encounter with a wild creature on the road to a major boss battle. Each one will receive a score, and the rewards and experience a player earns will depend on that score.

Despite the mixed reviews Forspoken received, the combat and movement systems in the game are quite fluid. This allows Frey to have a smooth combat experience, using a combination of moves to navigate any battle arena and take down her enemies. Frey will soon be able to take down any foe and reap the rewards.

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The combat grade in Forspoken is based on how Frey performs during any given battle. Frey is only graded on the immediate combat taking place, not on any previous battle. Battles can consist of one individual or a group. It will start grading once Frey engages an enemy and end when the last one is defeated. Players can keep track of a general idea of their progress on the right side of the screen.

Several things will affect Frey’s combat grade. The first time each combat that any move or spell is used in Forspoken, it will give Frey a larger number of points. These points will contribute toward the grade. However, using the same move multiple times will give Frey diminishing returns on her score. Taking any amount of damage will subtract points from the score. The lowest grade possible is an E, while the highest is a star.

Combos will score much higher grades and an easy way to do this is to use the magic parkour at the same time as attacking an enemy. String different spells together. Use both support and offensive magic at the same time. If an enemy is resistant to a type of spell, don’t use it as that will lower the score. Instead, focus on using spells that the enemy is vulnerable to, if possible. Using all of Frey’s skill sets in Forspoken will help her increase her grade as high as possible and avoid taking any damage.

With a high combat grade, Frey can earn more loot and more experience from each battle. This allows her to level up faster and gain or craft new items. Frey’s journey in Forspoken will take her far and wide across the land of Athia as she searches for a way home, facing many enemies and continuing to get better at combat as she does.

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