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Bridgerton Season 3 Detailed Synopsis Teases Penelope & Colin Romance

A detailed Bridgerton season 3 synopsis teases Penelope and Colin’s romance. Each season of Netflix’s royally popular Regency-era romance series follows a different member of the titular family as they find love, oftentimes in the unlikeliest of places. In a break from the first two seasons, Bridgerton season 3 is based on the fourth book in author Julia Quinn’s series, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, and in turn, will focus on the third Bridgerton son, Colin (Luke Newton). Colin has been friends with Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) since childhood, though the youngest Featherington daughter has always secretly had a crush on the Bridgerton boy.

Now, the first official Bridgerton season 3 synopsis reveals more about the story that will unfold in the upcoming episodes.

The plot synopsis was revealed via a Bridgerton gift box shared by Meghan O’Keefe on Twitter, which includes an incredibly detailed description that sets the stage for Colin and Penelope’s romance to unfold. Read the full Bridgerton season 3 synopsis below:

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The detailed Bridgerton season 3 synopsis reveals a few significant plot developments from the upcoming episodes. After overhearing Colin say he has no interest in courting her during the Bridgerton season 2 finale, the new season will find Penelope giving up her life-long crush on Colin and deciding it’s finally time to find a suitable husband. A few potential marriage suitors are expected to be Marcus Anderson (Daniel Francis), Lord Debling (Sam Philips), and Harry Dankworth (James Phoon), all new characters who have come aboard Bridgerton season 3.

Penelope’s attempts to find a suitable husband will fail, as expected, and just when Colin returns home from his ceremonial summer travels, he’s disappointed to discover that his long-time friend, Penelope, has turned against him. Determined to win her friendship back, the charming Colin offers to coach Penelope, who lacks confidence, and help her find a suitor during the social season. Unsurprisingly, this will force Colin to question whether his feelings for Penelope are more than platonic, setting the stage for their romance to unfold in season 3. With Colin now the one falling as Penelope turns her back on his affections, Bridgerton will be switching up one of its key dynamics.

Meanwhile, during Bridgerton season 3, Penelope will still be reeling from her rift with Eloise that came during the season 2 finale and also trying desperately to keep her double life as Lady Whistledown a secret. The Bridgerton season 3 synopsis sets the stage for a promising season all around, especially an interesting central romance between Penelope and Colin (which has been appropriately dubbed “Polin”). More will be revealed about Bridgerton season 3’s story as it approaches its premiere, which will likely come this year.

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Source: Meghan O’Keefe/Twitter

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