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Best Computer Cleaning Sets (Updated 2023)

When you unpacked your brand-new Mac or PC, whether to use it for gaming, work, school, or life in general, you felt you could take on the world. There were online PVP opponents to subdue, new worlds to conquer, and of course, mountains of work to shift.

Now, a few months, down the line — and several packets of cookies and chips later — that once pristine laptop looks every inch what it has been through with a screen smudged with fingerprints and grease, telltale crumbs in the wrong places, and a light film of dust just about everywhere else.

And it’s by no means the only casualty either. Even your smartphone and your tablet have also succumbed to smudged screen syndrome.

No wonder your resident feline can’t help but stare at you reproachfully.

How did you get there? It doesn’t really matter. The good news is that you can restore them all to their original pristine state.

And it’s all thanks to our list of the best computer cleaning sets which will enable you to gain the upper hand in the eternal struggle against dust, grease, and smudged screen syndrome.

Why should you bother in the first place about cleaning your electronic workhorses? Because keeping them spotless can actually yield rich dividends in terms of longevity and efficiency. Especially since dust is an insulator of sorts, and the last thing you want is all that heat building up causing your devices to malfunction, as a result.

There’s also the esthetic front, too. Gadgets which gleam as though they are brand-new, look better too. And there’s also the fact that you won’t have to endure your feline housemate’s look of scorn — hopefully.

It is worth noting that computer cleaning sets can provide optimal results when used with vacuums, rubbing alcohol, non-static, alcohol-free wipes, and gel.

So what should you look out for when choosing one?

The best computer cleaning sets will be suitable for taking care of more than your laptop or PC. Manufacturers are aware of the fact that our mobile devices, AirPods, and cameras are just as an essential part of our existence as our PCs and laptops are — and every inch deserving of meticulous care too.

Those which deserve a spot on your list should ideally also be suitable for cleaning as many gadgets as possible.

Brushes are ideal for helping you get to those out-of-the-way spots, they’re also pretty useful for giving your keyboard a routine clean and preventing dust from accumulating around the keys. Cloths on the other hand will enable you to cover wider surfaces with ease. They should ideally be microfiber and soft and gentle to prevent delicate surfaces from being scratched.

Smaller brushes for spots which would be otherwise hard to reach, air blowers, and cleaning solutions are just a few more accessories which can make a difference in enabling you to keep your gadgets and devices smudge and dust free. Which makes them a welcome addition to any kit.

Key removers are excellent for giving your keyboard a thorough cleaning. Especially since prising each key off with your fingertips simply won’t do.

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