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All Schematic Locations In Dead Space Remake

Players that want to unlock specific items and upgrades in Dead Space Remake need to track down the locations of schematics scattered throughout each story chapter. While credits or semiconductors are still needed as currency to purchase the items conceived from the schematics, simply having an extra option at each shop makes it far easier for players to go up against the various Necromorph forms seen later in the narrative. Although the original game had plans for new weapons in addition to auxiliary items, this system has been overhauled in the remake, making these discovered tools more elusive than before.

Overall, thirteen schematics can be found in Dead Space Remake‘s faithful recreation, as early as Chapter 2 and as late as Chapter 10. While many players can complete the game’s story on lower difficulties without using schematics, those looking to challenge Impossible will definitely have a much better chance against the odds with these items at their disposal. The schematics are categorized into three divisions: supplies, ammunition, and rig upgrades. To be more specific, supplies can range from medical packs to replenishing materials for Isaac’s stasis module and oxygen tank.

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