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1 Detail Can Make Jason Momoa’s Fast & Furious 10 Villain Much Better

Jason Momoa is playing the villain in Fast X, and one detail can make the character much better than previous Fast and Furious antagonists. While the Fast and Furious cast usually grows bigger with each installment, Fast X already appears to be the saga’s most ambitious film when it comes not only to the cast but also to the budget. With such huge names as Jason Momoa and Brie Larson joining an already packed set of characters, which only increases expectations for what Momoa’s villain will bring to the table.

From Dwayne Johnson to Charlize Theron and John Cena, Fast and Furious usually gives its villains a lot of time in the spotlight. Given how Dominic Toretto is almost a superhero now, the Fast and Furious villains also had to step up. While that reflects how much Fast and Furious has changed, Momoa’s character should bring things back to basic.

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Having something to do with cars hasn’t been a prerequisite for a character to be a Fast and Furious villain for years, yet it is a small detail that would make Jason Momoa’s Fast X character much more interesting right away. As the first part of the Fast and Furious finale, Fast X has to bring the saga full circle – as difficult as that is. A common criticism aimed at Fast and Furious is how it forgot that it was a saga about cars, especially after Fast Five. Fast X and Fast & Furious 11 are the final opportunities to fix that.

Jason Momoa’s Fast X villain having something to do with cars could work in a few different ways. It could be a Fast & Furious 4’ Braga scenario, with Momoa’s character commanding an operation that uses cars and street races as a distraction. It could also be similar to Fast & Furious 6’ Owen Shaw story, in which Luke Evans’ character had his own team of pilots mirroring the Fast and Furious family. Even if Momoa’s villain connection to cars is not as important to the story as the previous examples, it would still add to a character that might be Fast and Furious’ ultimate antagonist.

The last car-related Fast and Furious villain was Owen Shaw in Fast & Furious 6. Even still, Shaw’s team of pilots was not part of street races and only really used cars to assist in their heists. Before that, Fast Five had completely ignored the car element of Fast and Furious, with The Rock’s Hobbs chasing Dominic Toretto’s crew with his bare hands. In recent Fast and Furious movies, cars have become an accessory used by Dom and his crew in the most absurd missions – like when the crew stopped a nuclear explosion or when Roman and Tej piloted a car attached to a rocket.

As a comparison, Fast and Furious’ earliest movie was about Brian trying to unveil Dominic Toretto’s operation of stealing DVD players by entering the street circuit undercover. 2 Fast 2 Furious had a similar motif, with Brian and Roman infiltrating Carter Verone’s operation while using the street races as a cover-up. Tokyo Drift, which by then had minimal connections to the Fast and Furious saga, was all about street races and the competition for the title of “Drift King”. Fast X cannot reduce the scale of the saga as Fast and Furious is now expected to be an action-packed blockbuster franchise, but that doesn’t mean its villain cannot be car-related.

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