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Zelda: Majora’s Mask Almost Had Link Do Training Montages

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask has long since been considered an unusual addition to the franchise, and if everything that was initially planned ended up in the game, it would have been thought of as even stranger. Like, for instance, how Link was originally going to receive upgrades from the Great Fairies. The plan for the change was scrapped, however, due to the time and technology limitations the developers faced when creating Majora’s Mask. With a single year to develop the game, it might not be surprising that there were ideas that had to be cut from the final version of the game.

Despite its age, players are discovering new information about Majora’s Mask from content on game cartridges that isn’t in the game itself and from translations of old interviews that weren’t published in the West. Even the reason that Majora’s Mask has the iconic terrible fate quote has been found, and it doesn’t have a happy origin, thought to be a comment from the developers on crunch times. This particular piece of original content that almost made it into the game, however, could have changed Great Fairies in games that followed Majora’s Mask.

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It’s possible to find unfinished cutscenes on the Majora’s Mask cartridge that were cut from the final version, and some of these missing cutscenes take place with the Great Fairies. One Great Fairy cutscene that didn’t make it into the game was almost finished, and it showed Link doing push-ups and sit-ups with the Great Fairy standing nearby. This seems to imply that Link would have had to earn the upgrades in Majora’s Mask instead of being given them without question.

While it might seem strange to see Link undergo a training montage before he receives an upgrade from a Great Fairy in Majora’s Mask, it could have become the standard in Zelda games if the idea had been used, however, a training montage could seem unnecessary since Link has often been through several battles and solved puzzles before he encounters the Great Fairies. In that case, he’s already earned the upgrade through his efforts leading up to receiving it.

Majora’s Mask is often seen as an unusual game for the Zelda franchise, but that it made it to launch could be impressive given how difficult the development process was, and the time limit the developers were given. However, the resulting game is seen by some players as an underappreciated Zelda game with darker themes that aren’t common in the franchise. Players might be more focused on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with its release date coming, but there are still secrets to be discovered in older titles like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

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