World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – 10 Rarest Battle Pets

World of Warcraft has hundreds of pets to collect. Approximately 1,619 to be precise. For a long time, these pets were exclusively for show and tell. They were beautiful, unique, and sometimes scary, but they always came with a gallant story of how they were hired. Blizzard overhauled this system with Mists of Pandaria to include pet fights. For many players, collecting things is the reason they play, and pets are no exception.

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The Dragonflight expansion added over 90 new pets to the spit. Many of them can be collected as roaming NPCs, but some of these won’t be as easy to get. It will require professions, material grinding, and sheer blind luck to acquire some of these. However, by doing so, players will gain some nifty companions.

10 Lord Basilton: a very fine hat

A magnificent porcupine; that is what Lord Basilton is. This pet is obtained through a quest chain in the Unity Gardens, though it’s easy to miss. The quest chain focuses on the gardening problems of a Gyrympech. A name dangerously close to not having vowels.

Since this is a fantasy world of fantasy nonsense, Gyrympech’s garden troubles involve evil seedlings and rampaging fire elementals. Once his troubles have been eased, Lord Basilton will be rewarded. He isn’t the rarest of pets, but he does require extensive scouting to find.

9 chip: rocker boy

Close-up of an elemental made entirely of rock in the game World of Warcraft

Elementals are raging monsters and sometimes wizard companions, made pets, and always a delight. The chip can be obtained through the vendor Yries Lightfingers in The Waking Shores. Sell ​​the pet for materials instead of gold. Most of these materials are dropped from common mobs, but they can also be purchased for a reasonable price from the auction house.

The most difficult material to collect is the Aegis Rock which drops from wandering mobs. The highest drop chance is a 20 percent discount on Proud Dragonhunters in The Waking Shores. This technically makes Chip one of the easier rare pets to get, but it will still take time and effort. Mostly time.

8 Ghostflame and Stormie: fire and lightning

A flickering spectral flame monster in the game World of Warcraft

Two pets with the same grinding requirement. Ghostflame and Stormie can be purchased through Mythressa for 1000 Elemental Overflow. Collecting enough for one of these pets is a chore. Collecting enough for both is a pain. Elemental Overflow is obtained from enemies killed during Primal Storms.

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Primal Storms is a rotating event that occupies one of four world locations on The Dragon Isles. Each one is linked to an item and will last for two hours before a downtime of one hour. Once enough elemental overflow is collected, pets can be purchased outright. No recipes or crafting required.

7 Jeweled Puppies: The Mini Skins

A ruby ​​birth flying over the city in World of Warcraft the video game

There are five Jeweled Cubs to get in Dragonflight. Each of the five is modeled after one of the Aspects of the Dragon. This makes them great display pets, but as draconians they can also be useful in pet battles. Dragonkin deals more damage to opponents below 50 percent health, making dragonkin great for securing kills on low health opponents.

Pets can be obtained through the Jeweler profession. Of course that’s not all. That would be too pretty, and Warcraft can’t have pretty things. Firstly, Gem Cluster Treasure Maps must be found via a criminally low drop rate from treasure locations all over the world. You can then create the pet with the appropriate resources. Fortunately, the Onyx pup can be obtained after reaching Renown level 21 and completing a quest. It will still have to be elaborated.

6 Explorer: GOOD. DOG.

A cute dog in a bandana in the World of Warcraft video game

Scout is the best boy/girl and there will be no more discussion. The cuteness that this pet exudes simply cannot be expressed in the written word. What can be expressed is how to obtain them and their statistics, which are medium. It’s fine though. They don’t need to fight, they just need to sit there and be a really good dog.

Getting this pet is difficult due to the heavy grinding it requires. Scout can be purchased for 5000 Pet Polished Charms. These can only be obtained through pet fights. You get 15-20 wins per battle, so get to work. Will be worth.

5 Mister Toots: another very fine hat

A baby mammoth in a top hat in the game World of Warcraft

Yes. Mr. Toots. Is it better to know that he is a mammoth? Or, what does World of Warcraft call a mammoth? Mister Toots is the reward for a rather long quest chain. The chain will reward a total of three pets, making it very lucrative.

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The quest chain begins in Valdrakken with the quest ‘Oh where oh where can he be’. Extraordinary NPC Jyhanna needs her pet drake rescued from her, and as a reward, she gives said drake away. A questionable business decision, but one that leads to finding a friend for this dragon, who turns out to be Mister Toots. A friend indeed.

4 Lady Feathersworth: a woman of culture

Elegant bird, Lady Feathersworth, being elegant and a bird in the video game World of Warcraft

Lady Feathersworth is a woman of class, taste, and will not get through anything less than the best of pet fighting. Every elite pet trainer in Dragon Isles must be defeated with a full team of max level pets. This should be done with a full team of each type of pet. There are 8 trainers and 10 types of pets. A bit of calculation, and that works out to 80 battles.

The reward for this feat is a truly stunning bird. This pet even has a special animation for when you ride dragons on dragons. However, even though it is obtained through pet fights, this pet is not suitable for combat itself. He’s purely a show horse, and that’s fine.

3 Flawless Amethyst Ornament Worm – More Dragon Than Worm

A sitting worm-like dragon in the video game World of Warcraft

If the game was asking too much for 5000 pet charms, then wait until you hear about the one that costs 10,000. The Flawless Amethyst Ornament Worm is that creature. They are as advertised, although arguably more snakes than worms.

Grinding 10,000 pet charms when only getting 15-20 per win is demoralizing. Pet fighting would have to be a sincere passion to go for this pet, but if so, then you will have a rare pet. It’s also a nice reward for pet battlers, as this pet actually has an auspicious health stat that helps it act like a tank.

2 Alvin the Anvil: Smile!

A very cheerful anvil sitting on a table in the video game World of Warcraft

Alvin the Anvil is the best non-animated object mascot, bar none. He is an anvil. That can not be discussed. He has no arms, and he has no legs. That, of course, would imply that he crushes his enemies with the sheer mass of him. That’s a bit intense and worth the effort to add to a team.

The blacksmith profession will be required to acquire this charming boy. The tricky part is getting your crafting schematics from the rare Rohzor Forgesmash spawn in The Waking Shores. In addition to the rare spawn chance, schematics only have a 0.02 percent chance of dropping Rohzor. Alvin can be hard to find, but he comes with character.

one Violet violence: oh, to grind for so long

World of Warcraft Violet Violence

Violet Violence may look like an elemental, but she’s actually a beast. It might be counter-intuitive given that they look like 90 percent of the other elementals, but it’s hard to judge. This little beast will be one of the last that players will be able to obtain, as they are obtained with the achievement ‘What can I say? They Love Me’, for collecting 1,600 pets.

To repeat that, that’s 1600. There are only 1619 pets in the game. This will be one of the last pets players get. 20 to last, actually. To get to this point is to have already developed a bad habit, and it would be a pain to get those last 19. However, this will be the last reward for doing it. Next: World of Warcraft – Best Alliance Leaders

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