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Wonder Woman's Lasso Settles Every 'Best Hero' Debate with One Power

The Golden Perfect, aka Wonder Woman‘s iconic Lasso of Truth, is famous for forcing those who touch it to tell the truth, but it has another ability that can answer any “best hero” debate fans have every considered. Introduced in Wonder Woman’s early Golden Age adventures, the Lasso of Truth is an indestructible rope that can alter its length as needed and force any entangled by it to speak only the truth. Throughout Wonder Woman’s decades of stories, the Lasso’s abilities have grown and while it has been joined by Donna Troy’s Lasso of Persuasion and Cassie Sandsmark’s Lasso of Lightning, the original Lasso of Truth remains one of the most useful items in the DC Universe.

The Lasso of Truth applies its signature ability in ways beyond simply making Wonder Woman’s enemies reveal their schemes. The Lasso can cancel out illusions and mind control, translate the intentions of individuals separated by a language barrier, and even restore lost memories. As the physical embodiment of truth, Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso is the ideal tool for a hero who prefers to redeem her foes instead of simply defeating them in battle.

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As shown in issue 5 of Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S., by Sterling Gates and Neil Edwards, Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth also has the ability to determine who is the purest of heart. While Wonder Woman herself does not appear in the issue, her signature Lasso is used by one of her greatest enemies, Cheetah, against her love interest, Steve Trevor. Trevor manages to gain control of the Lasso and turn its power against Cheetah, revealing that if two people fight over it, the Lasso will only work for whoever has the purer heart. This power is rarely used, as few other than Wonder Woman wield the Lasso, but should two heroes both try to use it, the Lasso will accept one as worthier than the other.

This power makes Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth comparable to Marvel Comics’ Mjolnir, the signature weapon of Thor. Mjolnir is famous for its enchantment that prevents anyone who is not “worthy” of its power from lifting it, let alone wielding it. The key difference between the Lasso’s enchantment and Mjolnir’s is that while Mjolnir only determines who is worthy and who isn’t, the Lasso of Truth can compare two potential wielders and declare who is most worthy. Indeed, heroes could even use the Lasso to decide contentious matters like Marvel’s Civil War or DC’s Identity Crisis rather than brawling in the streets.

Fans often debate who is the better hero or which philosophy to crime-fighting is actually superior, but the Lasso of Truth is a surprising in-universe way to settle such debates. Heroes who have lifted Mjolnir (including Wonder Woman herself) are considered to be in a separate class by fans – the truest and most noble individuals in existence – but Wonder Woman‘s Lasso of Truth is an even more accurate judge of who truly embodies the notion of heroism.

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