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Wolf Pack Already Put A Fun Spin On The Werewolf Genre

In just its first episode, Wolf Pack has already added a surprising twist to the traditional werewolf story. Similar to Wolf Pack creator Jeff Davis’ Teen Wolf show, the werewolf series centers on a cast full of teenage characters. However, the new Paramount+ show is in a position to stand entirely on its own in the genre.

Early into its series premiere, Wolf Pack roped its central characters into the world of werewolves. Blake and Everett, who seemingly led somewhat normal lives before the events of the episode, are now werewolves. The other two protagonists, Harlan and Luna, already appear to be fully aware of their lycanthropic nature. How their transformations will be handled and how Everett and Blake’s lives will be changed remains to be seen for the time being, but the events of Wolf Pack provided a few teases in terms of how things will work.

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Apparently, Wolf Pack’s four protagonists possess superhuman abilities even when outside their werewolf forms. The direction Paramount+’s Wolf Pack show took with this development was unexpected, but opens up some interesting storytelling opportunities. As it turns out, each of the four has a different power, as opposed to every werewolf being the same. An exchange between Luna and Harlan reveals that the former has an enhanced sense of smell, whereas the latter boasts super hearing. Based on what’s been shown so far, they don’t share their powers. As for Everett and Blake, they appear to have super strength and super speed respectively.

The decision to give all four of Wolf Pack’s principal characters a different ability is significant in terms of what it means for their futures. As the show’s title implies, being part of a group is a core part of each character’s story. By making the four of them unique to each other, the series has found a way to emphasize the importance of being in a pack. The introduction of multiple powers means that outnumbering an enemy isn’t the only advantage of being in a pack. If they act as one, they can accomplish things together that none of them could pull off alone. They have to fight as a pack in order to make the most of their abilities.

Everett and the others all have something special that they bring to the table, and once they come to figure that out, they can join forces. Similar to how superhero teams work, the four werewolves can use their combined abilities to take down threats to both themselves and their loved ones in Wolf Pack. The familial bonds that’ll grow between them and the teamwork skills they can develop as a pack are sure to be crucial to the story going forward.

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