Wild and Weird Exotic Pets to Keep in Oklahoma

We were sitting around the lunch table at work, having one of those coworker conversations that meanders far and wide between topics when otters became the topic.

It seems that a co-worker’s husband really wants to have a pet otter, and she doesn’t. In fact, she was quick to tell a little white lie that otters are illegal in Oklahoma.

Spoiler alert, Oklahoma is quite pet friendly regardless of what you want to invite into your home with the correct permits and/or licenses. Even animals that are “explicitly prohibited” as pets can be kept with proper documentation.

As the conversation progressed, others shared their weird stories of weird and wild pets they had seen or owned here in Oklahoma.

Camels, porcupines, aardvarks, kangaroos, etc… are the common “wild” animals that most people see throughout the state, but the list of acceptable exotic pets is even wilder.

Of course, you’re probably thinking of Joe Exotic and the number of places to visit with tigers and cats all over the state. Some still exist, but they function differently since the US passed the so-called Tiger King bill banning private ownership and the pay-per-pet business model of big cats.

So how exotic can pets get in the earliest state? The answer is rarely yes or no. In fact, with many species the answer is no…unless you have the proper permit and/or license.

Adding to the frustration, exotic pets and/or those that require permits are not a clear topic in itself. There is very little information directly from the state, and the hundreds of websites that try to guide you through exotic pet laws in Oklahoma tend to contradict each other… ie what is legal in one place is illegal in the next … is a great challenge for the brain.

Fortunately, there is a way to own almost any animal in the world in the state of Oklahoma, although it may not be appropriate or legal to refer to them as “pets” in all cases. Bears and mountain lions come to mind, you’ll see why below.

Weird and Wild Pets You Can Have in Oklahoma

When it comes to the subject of wild and exotic animals in Oklahoma, there’s a very short list of things you can’t keep as a pet…but there are ways around almost every red tape in the Sooner state.

Wichita’s frozen mountains

When a rare blizzard with heavy snow falls in southwestern Oklahoma, the mountains take on a dazzling fresh look. It’s something we all experience thanks to the video and camera work of some amazing locals with a stellar YouTube channel, The Pemberton Boys. They flew their drones and explored the mountains throughout SWOK while the views were great, and put it online for all to enjoy.

The beauty of southwestern Oklahoma

Too many people spend too much time complaining about being in Southwest Oklahoma. If they would just close their mouths and open their eyes from time to time, they would see the true beauty of this place.

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