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Why Marvel's Avengers Is Being Delisted Soon

Roughly three years after its initial release, Marvel’s Avengers will be delisted as part of developer Crystal Dynamics winding down the game’s support. The co-op brawler’s life cycle will come to an end after the launch of Update 2.8, which will provide the live service game with its final batch of content. The months following Update 2.8 will likely be used by the developer to shift the game onto life support and iron out any egregious bugs that may arise, but beyond September 2023, Marvel’s Avengers will no longer be available for digital purchase.

Upon its debut, Marvel’s Avengers was maligned for relying on modern live service monetization efforts, promising new content to players for free, but providing a gameplay loop steeped in grind alongside a slew of purchasable cosmetics. Early complaints about the game lacking endgame content were eventually assuaged, with regular releases like Marvel’s Avengers‘ War for Wakanda expansion giving players a reason to return every so often. Dedicated support from Crystal Dynamics appears to have not been enough, however, with Marvel’s Avengers getting sunset mere months after the developer was acquired by Embracer Group.

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According to a blog post from Crystal Dynamics on the Marvel’s Avengers website, Update 2.8 will release on March 31, 2023, after which no new content or features will come to the game. It will be six months later that Marvel’s Avengers is delisted on September 30, 2023, at which point the game will no longer be purchasable on digital storefronts. The game’s delisting doesn’t mean, however, that Marvel’s Avengers will become unplayable. Crystal Dynamics assures players that both single- and multiplayer functionality will continue beyond September 30, though any issues that may arise cannot be addressed.

Crystal Dynamics is likely turning most of its attention toward the new Tomb Raider game announced in 2022 and the Perfect Dark reboot that’s being developed in partnership with The Initiative, but it will be leaving Marvel’s Avengers players with a parting gift. Alongside the release of Update 2.8, all cosmetic content from Marvel’s Avengers‘ Marketplace, Challenge Cards, and Shipments will be made available for free. According to the aforementioned blog post, that means every “Outfit, Takedown, Emote, and Nameplate” will be free for everyone that owns the game.

Games being delisted isn’t necessarily a surprise, but it typically happens to older titles for a myriad of reasons. Marvel’s Avengers being delisted is a bit odd, but at least the game’s servers will remain online for the foreseeable future. Although the game’s microtransactions drew quite a lot of ire, Crystal Dynamics making cosmetic items free for everyone is an admirable final gesture akin to Google Stadia refunding all purchases before shutting down. Though unconfirmed, it’s entirely possible that Crystal Dynamics’ new direction under Embracer Group simply has the developer moving away from live service ventures like Marvel’s Avengers, instead focusing all of its resources on upcoming projects.

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