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Why did Vika Abbyaeva stop her boyfriend Richard Chang mid-proposal in Bling Empire: New York season finale?

Every one of the episodes of Bling Realm: New York season 1 delivered on Netflix on January 20 at 3.01 am ET.

This season, Richard Chang, the overseer of Calvin Klein’s product arranging, uncovered that he was dating a young lady named Vika Abbyaeva. The team has a 11-year age hole and watchers pull for them to have their joyfully ever later.


Richard admitted that he had been on a large number of dates prior to meeting Vika and succumbing to her. With the backing of his brother and mom, Richard chose to propose to Vika subsequent to dating her for more than a year.

Vika was not prepared to get hitched at 26 years old and needed to spend time with each of the astonishing individuals around her. Nonetheless, she had some awareness of the strain Richard needed to manage.

She illuminated her companions that assuming he proposed to her, she wouldn’t acknowledge something very similar.

While proposing, Richard said that Vika gave him steadfast help and contrasted her with his mom. He expressed that he could envision being with her when he was old and needed to purchase a home with a nursery for her.

This was when Vika hindered and requested that he stop mid-proposition. She uncovered that she would have rather not gotten hitched as it was anything but a “great time.” She referenced that she would have rather not raced into anything.

Richard was sorrowful after this and didn’t have any idea how to manage the “spilling over” adoration that he had for Vika. As indicated by the couple’s Instagram posts, they are still attached, one year in the wake of going for Bling Domain: New York.

Richard struggled with interfacing with other cast individuals like Tina and Dorothy. In this way, when Vika referenced that she was arranging a young ladies just excursion to the Bahamas, Richard asked her not to go. He have zero faith in this specific gathering of young ladies and didn’t maintain that Vika should be distant from everyone else with them.

Nonetheless, Vika let him know that different young ladies thought he was attempting to “eclipse” her. Richard asked her for what valid reason she needed to spend time with such a gathering and referred to her as “inept.”

He quickly lamented what he said and Vika didn’t converse with him the entire end of the week while she was in the Bahamas. She likewise educated the young ladies about the equivalent, who felt that she was in a genuinely harmful relationship. Richard apologized to Vika after she returned and got her blossoms.

Richard was stunned to hear others’ thought process of his relationship with Vika. He accepted that the people who had very little familiarity with them ought not be given the power to remark on their own lives.

At supper, Richard asked the others not to make presumptions about his relationship. Nonetheless, the cast individuals said that they were just expressing what they had an in the wake of hearing outlook on his discussion with Vika.

Every one of the episodes of Bling Realm: New York series and other side project shows of the Bling Domain establishment are presently accessible on Netflix. It is as of now muddled if Bling Realm: New York will return briefly season.

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