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Why Bowling Moms Linda & Karen Deserve Amazing Race Redemption

On The Amazing Race season 5, Linda Ruiz and Karen Heins finished in 4th place but deserve a chance at redemption. Their “bowling moms” persona and underdog status throughout the race proved to be a winning quality, making them the first all-female team to get to the final four. Unfortunately, they’ve never been given another chance at the million dollars.

Linda and Karen were in 2nd place going into the penultimate leg and looked clear to be heading to the final so long as they could complete the roadblock before Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, who had the Yield used against them the previous leg. This particular roadblock required teams to ascend a 150-foot cliff side and then rappel down. Since there was no rule regarding roadblock balance back in season 5, the men of the other teams were able to blow by Karen quickly as the only female performing the task. Linda and Karen were eliminated because of this and failed to make the final leg.

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Because of the unfair imbalance between teammates doing roadblocks in season 5, where the female partners of all final three teams only completed one each, The Amazing Race created a new rule where team members cannot do more than five roadblocks throughout the race. Had this rule been in place for season 5, it’s likely Linda and Karen would have had a better chance of making it to the final leg and winning their Amazing Race season. This makes for the perfect redemption arc for the Bowling Moms in the future.

The issue with a return for the Bowling Moms is both their age and the new emphasis on physical challenges as opposed to navigation and endurance. In recent seasons, teams no longer need to decipher route info or travel miles within a single leg. Legs are simply one route info, one detour, and one roadblock before the pit stop, which means one wrong move and a team is likely eliminated.

Linda and Karen are also in their ’60s now, which is rare for a racer these days. Although Linda and Karen excelled at booking their own flights on The Amazing Race, their physical abilities would likely hold them back against the younger teams The Amazing Race now casts.

Linda and Karen’s positive attitude and hilarious interactions would still make them an exciting team on a modern season. It’s important for The Amazing Race to continue utilizing its twenty years of nostalgia to create dynamic storylines and dramatic moments. If Colin and Christie can come back and redeem themselves with a win on The Amazing Race season 31, then there is hope for a Bowling Moms return in the near future.

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