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Why Big Brother 25 Should Include Past Houseguests (& Why It Shouldn't)

Big Brother 25 is on the horizon, and there is speculation that former houseguests will return to the show for the milestone season. In many past installments, the production team brought in BB alums, so those reality celebs could have second chances in the competition. In some cases, the former competitors played the game alongside other BB veterans, although they’d competed against brand-new groups of players in the past. There have also been two Big Brother: All-Stars seasons, in which some of the best alums returned to the famous house.

This past summer, Taylor Hale was crowned the winner of Big Brother 24. Taylor had one of the best comeback stories in Big Brother history. From the start of the season, Taylor was targeted by the majority of the house. Despite finding herself on the block on eviction night, week after week, Taylor always managed to survive. Not only was Taylor targeted on a game level, but she was also bullied by many of her fellow houseguests. Taylor’s game started to turn around when she found herself becoming a part of the dominating seven-person alliance, The Leftovers. On finale night, she won the entire game, and made history by being voted America’s Favorite Player.

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Although there was a Big Brother: All-Stars season two years ago, there is a high probability of former Big Brother houseguests returning for the upcoming season. Season 25 is a major milestone for the hit show. The series has aired for 25 consecutive summers, including the summer of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since it is such a milestone installment for the BB franchise, it would be fitting for past players to return. While it does not have to be another All-Stars season, perhaps the show could do a “second chances” installment, for past players whose Big Brother stints were unfairly cut short.

While it would be exciting to see past houseguests play the game again, it may be too soon. Although houseguests can return in a non-All-Stars manner, fans may prefer to meet a brand-new group of houseguests instead. In addition to this, returning Big Brother houseguests can be disappointing. Players that were once fan-favorites, thanks to their competitive mindsets, may not be as strong when they return to the game, especially if it has been quite some time since they first competed. Seasons with returning houseguests can ultimately be a let-down for many fans.

Although it might be too soon to do another season of Big Brother, which features only former houseguests, the production team may be able to find a happy medium. Instead of casting returning houseguests or brand-new players, production can bring back equal amounts of returnees and brand-new contestants. Because the upcoming Big Brother season is so important, the production team will have to pull out all the stops to make it the biggest and best season in quite some time. To do so, they may have to bring back some fan-favorite players.

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