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Who won Jeopardy! tonight? January 20, 2023, Friday

Risk! Season 39 circulated a fresh out of the box new episode on Friday, January 20, 2023, highlighting three players.

According to the show’s organization, a game comprises of three rounds played by a returning boss and two new players. The competitor with the most noteworthy sum toward the finish of the game dominates and gets back to play his/her/their next game the next day against new members.


In the January 20 episode, the returning hero was Troy Meyer, a music leader from Tampa, Florida. He dominated his most memorable match on Thursday, banking $27,600, and turned into the one-day champ.

He got back to the show for his second game on Friday to play against two new hopefuls — Eric Kerr-Heraly, an instructor and school chairman from Houston, Texas, and Mark Fabros, a procedure expert from New York, New York.

Subsequent to winning in the January 19 episode, Troy Meyer figured out how to proceed with his series of wins in his second game also.

In the January 20 episode, the classes for the primary round were “Crazy, Spun Occasions, Tedious Music, “D” Modifiers, Protected, Sound.”

Troy might have won the main round however new player Mark Fabros viewed as the primary Everyday Twofold and started to lead the pack. The last option offered 11 right responses and one wrong response and banked $10,000. Troy, then again, conveyed 12 right reactions with zero erroneous responses, yet couldn’t start to lead the pack in the game as his score was $7,400. One more new player, Eric Kerr-Heraly, attempted to rival his kindred challengers. He offered five right and one wrong response, scoring $2,000 in the main round.

In the subsequent round, the classifications included “American Lit, This Piece Of Paper Will Guide You, 2-Word Science Terms, Road Smarts, Jason, As The French Say.”

Troy lived it up in the Twofold Peril round. He not just conveyed the biggest number of right responses yet in addition found two Day to day Duplicates and won them. His score going into the last round was $33,400, which changed the game for him. While he started to lead the pack, the leftover players were a long ways behind. Mark banked $10,400 and Eric scored $7,600 in cycle 2.

In the Last Danger round, Troy and Mark offered the right response to the last inquiry. Troy bet a moderate sum that didn’t influence her position on the scoreboard. Mark went for more than $4,000, which assisted him with contacting the $15,000 mark. Eric, then again, lost his $2,000 bet and wound up in third spot.

Consequently, Troy Meyer won Risk! today. The Last Peril round of the January 20 episode was under the classification of “TV.” The last inquiry, as a sign, read:

“Mike Post consolidated a pummeling prison entryway, a blacksmith’s iron and 100 men trampling a story for this series that appeared in 1990.”
The right reaction to the last round’s hint was “Regulation and Request.”

Mark and Troy offered the right response to the last inquiry, while Eric missed the point as he expressed, “Home Improvement.”

Investigate the eventual outcomes of the January 20 episode:

Troy Meyer: $33,400 + $1,600 = $35,000 (What is The rule of law?) (2-day absolute: $62,600)

Mark Fabros: $10,400 + $4,801 = $15,201 (What is The rule of law?)

Eric Kerr-Heraly: $7,600 – $2,000 = $5,600 (What is Home Improvement?)

With the present success, Troy turned into the two-day champion with a score of $62,600. He will currently return one week from now to protect his subsequent game dominate against new players.

The following episode of the Ken Jennings-facilitated show will air on Monday, January 23, 2023.

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