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Who Will Be On The Cover Of WWE 2K23

New details about WWE 2K23 have been unveiled, including who will grace the game’s cover. Last year saw the release of WWE 2K22 after numerous delays and a lengthy development cycle. While it wasn’t without its flaws, WWE 2K22 was largely seen as an improvement from the infamously bug-ridden WWE 2K20 and a promising step forward for 2K’s line of squared circle simulators.

Last year, the legendary luchador Rey Mysterio served as WWE 2K22‘s cover star and the focus of the revamped 2K Showcase Mode. The developers at Visual Concepts explained that Rey was a fitting choice due to his status as an underdog who often battles much larger opponents, which served as a parallel for WWE 2K22 working to overcome the soured reputation from past WWE 2K games. For WWE 2K23, Visual Concepts is picking another widely known fan favorite to be featured on the box art for all three of the game’s recently announced variants.

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WWE 2K on YouTube released a brief teaser trailer for WWE 2K23, which showed off some of the new game’s updated graphics and confirmed that it will launch on March 17. It also revealed that the three covers for WWE 2K23 will feature John Cena. The WWE 2K23 Standard Edition cover will depict Cena in the modern day performing his iconic “You Can’t See Me” gesture, usable in Fortnite as an emote as well. The Deluxe Edition shows the former Doctor of Thuganomics wearing the United States Championship, which was the very first singles title he won back in 2004. Finally, the digital-only Icon Edition cover features Cena holding his custom-designed WWE Championship during his initial title reign in 2005.

Non-wrestling fans will recognize John Cena for his recent acting roles, including Peacemaker in both The Suicide Squad and the appropriately-titled Peacemaker series on HBO Max. However, Cena’s greatest claim to fame is his nearly two-decade run in the WWE – during which he’s won no less than 16 world championships. He’s graced the cover of several past WWE video games over the years and is seen by many as the face of the WWE brand, making him an ideal choice as the cover star of WWE 2K23.

John Cena won’t just be on the cover of WWE 2K23, as he will also be the focus of the game’s 2K Showcase Mode – albeit with the twist of the player taking the role of Cena’s opponents instead of the Champ himself. Nonetheless, fans will be able to see John Cena on all three of WWE 2K23’s covers when it steps into the squared circle across all major platforms in March.

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Source: WWE 2K/YouTube

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