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Who is Jame Burns? McKinney Amber alert issued in wake of missing sisters report

Experts in McKinney have given a golden alarm for two sisters accepted to have been stole by their fatherly grandma, Jame Consumes.

The 60-year-old is blamed for kidnapping her two youthful grandkids during a directed encounter with their dad, Justin Consumes. The kin, recognized as 9-year-old Jessica Consumes and 6-year-old Jennifer Consumes, were joined by CPS, who had transitory care of the sisters.


Specialists expressed that on Thursday, January 19, the two youngsters were visiting their dad at a pizza eatery close to Focal Turnpike and Virginia Road in McKinney when they were kidnapped by Jame Consumes. The CPS official who had went with the youngsters during the administered visit alarmed the specialists after they were taken from the café.

It is indistinct precisely the way in which the snatching occurred in spite of the presence of a CPS official.

Police are right now looking for Jame Copies, and are yet to reveal extra subtleties on the occasions that hinted at the snatching. While specialists didn’t determine the explanation for the youngsters’ authority status, they accentuated that the kidnapped kids are accepted to be in grave peril. Carla Marion Reeves, the Public Data official for McKinney Police, said:

“The grandma has a criminal history that is the reason it is basic right now that we find Jennifer and Jessica and get them back securely.” Jame Consumes was supposedly prosecuted for youngster criminal carelessness and ownership of a controlled substance in 2021.

Specialists said that the young ladies’ dad, Justin Consumes, who was at the eatery when officials answered the scene, was arrested and accused of grabbing on doubt of being engaged with the kids’ snatching.

Police are currently requesting the public’s help with finding the young ladies taken by their fatherly grandma, who allegedly weighs 230 pounds and is around 5 feet tall.

Specialists said that they are working with the FBI to find the missing young ladies who were most recently seen around 6 pm at the pizza eatery. They added that the suspect was driving a dark SUV:

Authorities have likewise given a depiction of the two missing sisters. The oldest sister Jessica Consumes is depicted as white, 4 ’10” tall, and weighs 90 pounds with light hair and blue eyes. The most youthful sister Jennifer estimates 4 feet and weighs 60 pounds. She has light hair and blue eyes and was allegedly last seen wearing purple-outlined glasses.

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