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What Sammi "Sweetheart" Has Been Up To Since Leaving Jersey Shore

While most of the Jersey Shore roommates reunited for the show’s spin-off series, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola opted out of the opportunity. The former reality star has mostly shunned the spotlight since the original series came to an end in 2009. Although she still has a large following on social media, Sammi has lived a fairly average life over the last 13 years, compared to her former roommates.

The original eight Jersey Shore roommates became breakout stars not long after the show first aired. Although Sammi was the quieter one of the crazy bunch, she was best known for her troubled on-again-off-again relationship with her costar, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Sammi and Ronnie dated on and off throughout the entire OG show. Fans watched as the duo repeatedly had extremely intense, and sometimes physical, arguments. Later, they would make up, and fall in love all over again. Sammi ultimately turned down the chance to be a part of the spinoff series, as she didn’t want to be around Ronnie.

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Despite not rejoining her former roommates for the show’s spin-off in 2018, Sammi has remained quite busy since leaving her Jersey Shore life for good. After she and Ronnie called it quits, she began rebuilding her life outside the show. She was so over her former problematic relationship. Since filming the series, Sammi has even been engaged. In 2017, she began dating Christian Biscardi. The two went on to get engaged in 2019. The pair initially had to postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, they later decided to call off the nuptials for unknown reasons.

After her breakup, Sammi took some time to enjoy being single. In late 2021, she began dating has a new and unknown guy. The two have remained together. Aside from her dating life, Sammi has remained quite busy. Since she is no longer in the reality television realm, the former Jersey Shore star had to find a new way to make a living. In the midst of calling off her engagement, Sammi opened her own boutique in Ocean City, New Jersey. Sammi is constantly promoting her store’s inventory on her personal social media accounts. Prior to opening her boutique, Sammi had a small online shop where she sold jewelry, home decor, and clothing. Sammi also did some modeling, posing in bridal dresses for a short period of time.

While fans would love to see Sammi make an appearance on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, it is highly unlikely. It is assumed that Sammi has lost contact with most of her former roommates over the past 13 years. While the rest of the Jersey Shore cast enjoy living their lives in the spotlight, Sammi prefers to live her a simpler, more private life.

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Source: Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola/Instagram

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