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What Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2's Pigeon Scene Really Means

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mayor Of Kingstown season 2, episode 1.

Mayor Of Kingstown season 2, episode 1 contains an unusual scene of protagonist Mike McLusky talking to a man about his domesticated pigeon – but the scene may have a deeper meaning. Mayor Of Kingstown balances its dark plot with some lighter, more unexpected moments. However, even these moments can be seen to serve a deeper purpose in the plot.

The first season had Mike interact with a bear several times, in ways ranging between funny to emotional. Mayor Of Kingstown season 2, episode 1 continues the interspersed animal scenes by having Mike discuss a homing pigeon with its owner, who explains he uses it to talk to his son, as he misses phonecalls but can’t miss the pigeon’s arrival. Though this scene may appear out of place among the violence and tension of the rest of the episode, it does reinforce one of the series’ main messages.

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While the Mayor Of Kingstown bear scenes did also serve to break up the tension building in season 1, it also left many wondering why Mike never killed it. The most commonly held interpretation of this scene is that Mike decided against killing the bear because he realizes it is surviving the only way it knows how, and that any danger it poses is a reflection of the hostile environment that nature can be – a reflection of the environment of Kingstown itself, and the people who live within it.

While the lighter moment could just be seen as a way to break tension for a short while, the Mayor Of Kingstown season 2 pigeon scene appears to continue this metaphor. Much in the way the bear poses a risk to people because of how it has learned to survive in the wilderness, the homing pigeon is able to deliver letters because it was trained to. This reinforces the idea that people and animals are products of their environment, and their capacity to help or hurt is often informed by how they have been treated.

Mike’s engagement with the bird’s owner in the Mayor Of Kingstown season 2 pigeon scene also reminds both the character and audience of his own personal turmoil. While the physical danger of Mike’s job is clear from the offset of the show, other issues pose less obvious obstacles. Throughout the Mayor Of Kingstown show, Mike has been warned about making sure to not have his work take over his life and become more important than his meaningful relationships.

However, this exact issue appears to have happened on some levels anyway – and with the aftermath of the prison riot raising the chance of further conflict likely, Mike’s work-life balance is set to be even worse. As such, this moment could also serve as part of Mike’s Mayor Of Kingstown season 2 arc by encouraging him to strengthen his bond with his family and Iris once more. Although a weird scene, the bird interaction could work to remind Mike that making time for loved ones is paramount regardless of what ends someone has to go to – even if that means training a pigeon.

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