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What did William and Zachary Zulock do? Atlanta couple charged for abusing adopted sons

On July 27, 2022, Atlanta couple William and Zachary Zulock were captured for supposedly mishandling and dealing with their two took on children Oxford, a princely suburb close to Atlanta, Georgia.

In August 2022, the couple was prosecuted for a reiteration of misuse related charges. According to Fox News, the couple as far as anyone knows owned up to specialists that they circled illegal recordings of the maltreatment including the youngsters. In any case, they argued not blameworthy in court. Whenever indicted for all charges evened out against them, the two of them could confront nine life sentences.


As per the Walton Area Sheriff’s Office, the couple s*xually attacked their embraced children, yet in addition recorded many examples of misuse, while compelling them to take part in unseemly associations with other grown-up men. The kids, a kin pair, were supposedly in the 3rd and 4th grades, separately, at the hour of the maltreatment.

According to the Antigua Newsroom, William and Zachary Zulock were known as rich, fruitful experts. While 33-year-old William Zulock was an administration specialist, 35-year-old Zachary Zulock was a financier. The New York Post revealed that on all fronts, they appeared to be a typical couple, with Zachary’s Instagram recognizing him as an “extremist” and “Daddy to our two magnificent young men.”

As per the Walton District Sheriff’s Office, the couple was embroiled after they started to get reports that somebody in Oxford was downloading illegal film of youngster misuse. While examining the claims, authorities noticed that the recording being downloaded had evidently been created by William and Zachary Zulock.”A little group was devoted to moving straightforwardly to the kids to guarantee their wellbeing while a group drew in with the grown-ups in the home, getting the scene.”
The assertion proceeded:

“During the execution of the court order, proof that both grown-up guys — the receptive dads of the kin pair living in the home — were taking part in s*xually oppressive demonstrations and video recording this maltreatment.”
William and Zachary Zulock were blamed for delivering the recording being referred to and disseminating the unlawful recordings to various people.

They purportedly conveyed the clasps to 27-year-old Tracker Earth Rebellious and Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez, two of the few men ensnared in the supposed kid misuse ring.

Tracker Dirt Uncivilized asserted that while he never straightforwardly participated in attacking the kids, Zachary Zulock would encourage him to watch the maltreatment, while likewise oftentimes sending him pictures. It stays unverified whether Tracker Earth Untamed and Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez were immediate culprits of the wrongdoing.

Meauwww revealed that the Zulocks took on the young men from a Christian organization for extraordinary requirements kids. The Walton Area Sheriff’s Office detailed that the Region School Locale assumed a basic part in recognizing the youthful casualties and aiding the examination.

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