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Warhammer 40k: Darktide – Ogryn Class Guide (Abilities, Feats, & Weapons)

The massive tank in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, the Ogryn is one of four playable classes players can choose to fight off hordes of Nurgle, and it utilizes incredible bulk to draw attention from enemies as a team’s primary meat shield. Sporting perhaps the most resistances than any other class, the Ogryn does not specialize in dealing damage but rather taking heavier hits from enemies that would otherwise down one of their allies. When equipped with the right tools, the Ogryn becomes a formidable force that constantly disrupts enemy groups, lightening the overwhelming odds through sheer force.

The shocktroop of the Astra Militarum becomes available to the player as the Skullbreaker Ogryn, the official definition of the class whose Skill Trees and Class Ability are made apparent once selected. Two starter weapons reflect the overall philosophy of the Ogryn- to remain on the frontline and deal damage at close ranges.

Similarly, the Ogryn has three Passive Abilities and a Class Ability that support their team while increasing the potency of the class’ destructive attacks. Unfortunately, players who pick the Ogryn also spawn with a Tactical Item that does not function as they might expect while hacking and blasting in Warhammer 40k: Darktide.

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The Thumper Shotgun and Club are the Ranged and Melee weapons respectfully that are given to the Ogryn at the start, with the former having its highest damage when the player practically sits next to an enemy. According to the Youtube channel Legacy Gaming, the Skullbreaker Ogyrn does not rely on their Ranged Weapons, no matter what build players try to create as they progress through this class. The Thumper Shotgun, unfortunately, has a very long reload time after a single shot, making it only useful to either finish off low-health opponents or to deal damage before the Ogyrn switches to melee attacks using the Club.

The Tactical Weapon for the other classes and their gameplay in Warhammer 40k: Darktide is typically related to their kit, supporting certain tactics that a player might expect. However, the Ogryn has a Box, a crate of grenades that acts as a single target sniping shot from mid-range. In contrast to expectations, the grenades in the Box do not explode on impact, instead dealing damage from the object’s velocity. The Box may be aimed before being thrown, but since the weapon is so unorthodox compared to the other Ogryn’s tools, players might struggle to use this outside of dealing significant damage to individual Elite enemies.

Since weapons such as the Club are considered heavy in the first-person action of Warhammer 40k: Darktide, players would be wise to use the Ogryn’s Passive Abilities to compliment these heavy strikes. For example, excessive Force gives the Ogryn a +25% boost in Melee Stagger, allowing the player to prevent enemies from recovering quickly. Additionally, a well-coordinated team can use this Passive Ability to prioritize Elite targets, using the Ogryn to maintain constant pressure and disrupt enemies long enough to deal higher amounts of damage or retreat if necessary.

Continuing on an idea surrounding good teamwork, the Ogryn also has an Ability called Loyal Protector, which prevents the class from being interrupted from Reviving or Assisting an ally when taking damage. Combined with the already impressive bulk natural to the Skullbreaker Ogryn, this makes the class excellent at keeping other players in the fight even as Warhammer 40k: Darktide‘s various enemies continue to swarm around them. The final Passive Ability, Thick Skin, plays into the Ogryn’s strengths further, granting a 20% Toughness Damage Reduction and a 20% Health Damage Reduction to increase their survivability.

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Each of the four playable classes has a Class Ability named Bull Rush for the Skullbreaker Ogryn. Players who activate this ability charge forward, knocking enemies away while gaining a 25% bonus to Attack Speed and Movement Speed for five seconds. Should an ally of the Ogryn be down within a group of foes, this ability may be used to clear the area before attempting a Revival or to help other teammates avoid a similar fate during the co-op shooting present in Warhammer 40k: Darktide. Additionally, when the boost to Attack Speed is used in tandem with Excessive Force, the Ogryn has the capability of dealing swift damage and staggers to multiple enemies at once, giving room for their allies to reposition and group up if needed.

Another factor to consider is the Aura intrinsic to the Ogryn class that provides a small buff within a certain range. Going hand in hand with the Class Ability, the Ogryn’s Intimidating Presence gives allies a 10% increase in Melee Damage when inside their Coherency range. Although not as useful when compared to other class Auras until more armored enemies appear in later levels, the Ogryn may still use this effect to give teammates a better chance to survive when fights at close range become inevitable as hordes grow larger.

Players dedicating themselves to progressing the Skullbreaker Ogryn unlock items in Warhammer 40k: Darktide as well as new Passive Abilities gained from the class’ Skill Tree every five levels. As they progress, players should think about honing the strengths of the Ogryn by equipping specific Skills that complement not only the best playstyle that works for them but also the strategy that has proven to work best for the class. A good start that increases durability at Level 5 for the Ogryn is the Smash ‘Em Good skill, which restores the player’s Toughness by 20% when hit by a single heavy melee attack.

Since the Ogryn deals most of its damage through melee strikes, the Blood and Thunder skill also compliments a beginning build by giving the player +1 Bleed for every melee-heavy attack they dish out. Finally, players may choose to select the Bullfighter skill later, as the ability recharges the cooldown on Bull Rush 10% faster whenever the player or an ally takes out an Elite enemy. Regardless of what additional weapons or items from Warhammer 40,000: Darktide player might apply later on, the weapons and abilities of the Ogryn class are what define its utility as the primary tank in the game.

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Source: YouTube/Legacy Gaming

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