Video: Committee on the Present Danger — CCP Runs the Table Throughout the Western Hemisphere

The serious implications of infiltration by enemies of America, with an emphasis on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), are addressed, as well as the enablers of this infiltration. Panelists include Dr. Bradley Thayer, director for China Policy, Center for Security Policy; Matthew Tyrmand, investigative journalist, board member of directors of Project Veritas; Christine Douglass-Williams, international award-winning journalist; Charles Gerow, vice chairman of the Conservative Political Action Conference and the American Conservative Union; Gordon Chang, senior fellow, Gatestone Institute; and Colonel Grant Newsham, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), former Marine attaché in Japan.

My portion begins at 25 minutes in. It focuses on Canada’s longtime partnership with China, which began with former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and was aggressively implemented by the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who recently, in the face of bad press, has began distancing himself from China. Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre has been raising key questions, while the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has revealed troubling information about the 2019 federal election.

My note at the end: Complete disregard for human life is characteristic of fascist regimes. Canada leads the world in assisted suicide, called MAID: Medical Assistance In Dying. Anyone from 18 years old and up is a possible “candidate.” On March 17, 2023, those suffering with mental illness will be eligible. Although the program discusses careful guidelines set out by the government of Canada and professional health bodies, can they be trusted?

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