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Vampire Survivors: How to Kill Red Death

Red Death is an enemy in Poncle Games’ roguelike video game Vampire Survivors, who appears at the end of a run and is designed to one-shot the player’s character. Red Death inevitably appears to players lucky enough to survive until the 30-minute mark in Vampire Survivors. Red Death’s high stats make the creature nearly impossible to overcome, creating a final challenge for players to prevent them from being able to run around a stage forever after its completion.

Red Death exists in this roguelike game, and while plenty of similar titles exist, game fans likely don’t realize that Vampire Survivors defines the genre. While Red Death might seem invincible initially, players can kill this Grim Reaper if equipped with the correct weaponry and passive items. Furthermore, once players have slain Red Death, it is instantly unlocked as a playable character, so long as they have the coins needed for its purchase.

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To defeat Red Death in Vampire Survivors, players need to know what they’re up against. Red Death’s HP is tied with its skill, meaning this number multiplies based on the player’s level. Whether the stage is normal, a challenge, or a bonus, Red Death can be found on any map in Vampire Survivors. The Red Death enemy typically spawns once every minute after the stage’s time limit has been reached, which takes 30 minutes. Therefore, for every minute players survive past the 30-minute mark, additional Red Deaths will spawn.

When fighting Red Death in Vampire Survivors, players should prioritize purchasing PowerUps with the highest initial cost and max out as many PowerUps as possible to buff their stats before entering a run. Despite its high cost, players should consider investing in Revival because its second life could be a necessary advantage when defeating Red Death. As a tip for Vampire Survivors beginners, Revival might be out of a player’s price range, but they can purchase Amount PowerUp instead.

After sorting out their desired PowerUps, players must choose a character in Vampire Survivors whose starting weapon and attributes won’t be a liability during their duel with Red Death. Although the Cross is far from the greatest weapon in Vampire Survivors, Krochi can be an asset during the player’s run because they start with +1 Revival and gain an additional Revival when players reach Level 33 in the game. Another powerful strategy is for players to unlock Suor Clerici, one of the best characters in Vampire Survivors because her starting passive will give players a temporary 310 percent area bonus.

Players looking to defeat Red Death in Vampire Survivors should select the IV – Awake Arcana to provide them with +3 Revivals. It also ensures every Revival used will increase a player’s Max Health by 10%, their Armor by 1, and their Might, Area, Duration, and Projectile Speed by 5%. Players should also obtain the Yellow Sign Relic to find and collect hidden items on all stages, which allows them to evolve the best weapons to defeat Red Death.

To create Infinite Corridor, players will need to collect the Clock Lancet in Vampire Survivors, the Silver Ring, and the Gold Ring. Meanwhile, the Crimson Shroud can be created by collecting the Laurel weapon, Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right. Once the weapons and items required for these evolutions have been raised to max level, defeating a high-tier enemy after the 10-minute mark in a stage will cause the enemy to drop a Chest allowing the player to add either Infinite Corridor or Crimson Shroud to their inventory.

Crimson Shroud caps incoming damage to 10 HP per strike, while Infinite Corridor halves the health of all enemies on screen in a single rotation. These weapons from the best Indie game of 2022, Vampire Survivors, are so powerful that, if paired with a competent loadout, they will help players endure Red Death’s unsurvivable attacks, and the Reaper won’t stand a chance. After players have killed Red Death in Vampire Survivors, they’ll immediately be unlocked and appear in the Character Selection screen for the base price of 1665 coins.

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