UK: Hamas-linked lobby group launches new propaganda campaign, accusing Israeli lawmakers of ‘racism’

There is an intricate and expansive Hamas-supporting network in America, with offshoots in Canada. Many of these groups were named unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorism financing trial in US history, the Holy Land Foundation trial. The list can be found HERE. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many such groups are also found throughout Europe and in the UK. Yet these propagandist groups, which invariably demonize the West as “Islamophobic” and smear Israel as an “occupying” state, are allowed to operate freely inside Western countries.

One of these groups, EuroPal, is accusing Israeli MKs of racism. This group and others like it are principal drivers behind the rise of antisemitism today. Zaher Birawi, described as “one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain,” is “a prominent public figure in the UK who hosts television shows and maintains close ties with English and European politicians.”

A year ago, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that she was seeking to declare the whole of Hamas a terrorist organization. With the change of government in Britain, that plan was apparently discarded.

“Hamas lobby group in the UK accuses Israeli lawmakers of racism,” Israel National News, January 23, 2023:

A British lobby group established by the Gaza-based Hamas terrorist organization is accusing more than two dozen Israeli lawmakers of racism, as part of a new propaganda campaign.

Last week, EuroPal, an organization established by the terrorist group Hamas, launched an international campaign against twenty-five ministers coalition MKs, accusing them of racism.

EuroPal stated that their campaign “will enable viewers to understand that likely policies, such as settlement expansion, enforced displacement, and annexation, should not be viewed in a vacuum but instead as the central modus operandi for the new Israeli Government.”

The British organization, which was declared by then-Minister of Defense Benny Gantz as a terrorist organization in 2021, was founded by the Hamas terrorist group and is operated by Zaher Birawi, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain.

While the stated goal of the organization is the promotion of Palestinian human rights and assistance in Palestinian advocacy, the Israeli Defense Ministry has accused EuroPal of incitement against Israel as well as coordinated activities with Hamas.

In this instance, the organization has initiated an online campaign against twenty-five ministers and parliament members from parties in Israel’s government, with the aim of portraying the new government as racist.

Among the Knesset members who are included in Hamas’ campaign: Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, Science Minister Ofir Akunis, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, Transport Minister Miri Regev, Minister Meir Porush, MK Danny Danon, MK Zvika Fogel and MK Limor Son Har-Malech.

In addition, Ad Kan, an Israeli NGO, revealed Birawi’s and Europal’s connection to attempts to run Israel’s security blockade of Gaza, as well as to Hamas’ so-called “marches of return” in 2020, via undercover work.

Birawi and Europal’s illicit activities were aired at the end of 2022, in the Israeli television series, “Shtula”.

In the series Ad Kan, infiltrated Hamas’ European propaganda operations, and reached its most prominent activists.

Birawi was defined by the Israeli security system as a senior Hamas official in Europe about a decade ago, since he operates a network of Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-linked organizations working in Europe against Israel.

Despite this, Birawi remains a prominent public figure in the UK who hosts television shows and maintains close ties with English and European politicians…..

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