‘Tinubu’s handlers need to go back to school’

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council Spokesman, Charles Aniagwu, has reacted to the bullion van comment credited to the Lagos State Organising Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Ayodele Adewale.

reports that the Lagos APC scribe, Adewale, while speaking on Arise TV on Thursday said the bullion vans seen driving into Bola Tinubu’s residence on the eve of the 2019 presidential election “missed” their “way there.”

Aniagwu however said some of the media handlers of the APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, needed to go back to school, as he wondered whether the bullion van drivers took ‘ogogoro’ (alcohol) to have missed their address.

“On the bullion van or no bullion van and all of that, I think that matter has been put to rest. There was no money in the bullion van. The bullion vans that even came missed their way to have come there.

“I was in that house on that very day and it was not on an election day. The bullion vans missed their way to have come there,” Adewale had said.

He added that “There are some companies that have high (number of) staff (members); that pay their staff with cash; that bullion van missed its way there, and it was not invited by Asiwaju or anybody.”

Reacting in an interview on Arise TV on Saturday, Aniagwu said, “If you recall the issue of the bullion van which today they are telling us missed its way. I don’t know when bullion van forgot the location of a bank, because bullion van is supposed to move within the Central Bank of Nigeria and other commercial banks, but for ‘bullion van persons’ not to understand that Tinubu’s house is not a bank. Including the policemen, and the security men that accompanied that bullion van; all of them missed their way. And they did not even locate my house (instead).

“Tinubu himself had claimed whose business it is if bullion van came to his house. But (that is) to tell you that even his media handlers need to go back to school, when the man himself has accepted that it’s none of our business if his house played host to two bullion vans.

“They are now telling us that those bullion van drivers took ogogoro and did not know the direction to their banks and decided to end up at Tinubu’s house.”

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