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“This just gets weirder and weirder”: George Santos Hannah Montana claim erupts as Anthony Devolder Wikipedia goes viral

Recently chose Senator George Santos purportedly had a Wikipedia page under the name Anthony Devolder, a moniker the government official has over and over utilized via online entertainment.

The now-erased page got to by Politico guaranteed that Devolder purportedly showed up on famous Disney shows like Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.


It likewise referenced that Devolder began proceeding as a cross dresser at 17 years old and won a few LGBTQ+ excellence exhibitions. The disclosure came after Santos denied proceeding as a cross dresser in spite of online reports from previous companions and past photographs and recordings.

As new reports about Santos’ supposed old Wikipedia page became exposed, netizens said that the circumstance encompassing the conservative was getting “stranger” constantly:

George Santos has kept on making news for the various embellishments in his resume.

He has additionally been approached to leave his situation after he owned up to lying about his instructive foundation, proficient records, monetary resources and his Jewish legacy, among others.

A Wikipedia page got by Politico under the name Anthony Devolder, a nom de plume utilized by Rep.- choose George Santos, purportedly contained comparable data to that of the last’s very own life.

It showed that Devolder, similar to Santos, was born on July 22, 1988, to a Brazilian family with an European foundation. The Wikipedia bio was keep going altered on April 29, 2011 and has since been eliminated.

The page loaded with spelling blunders showed that Devolder was found by a Hollywood maker who delivered “Free thinkers Day by Steven Spilberg.” as a general rule, Roland Emmerich coordinated the 1996 film Autonomy Day.

It likewise showed that Devolder’s most memorable job was in a 2009 film called The Intrusion featuring Uma Thurman and Alicia Silverstone. A Hollywood film named The Attack was delivered in 2007 and had Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in lead jobs.

The page additionally guaranteed that Devolder showed up in Hannah Montana, incorrectly spelled as “Hanna Montana” as well as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The Wiki bio likewise uncovered that Devolder started his “stage life” as a cross dresser.

He purportedly performed haul at a LGTBQ+ night club at 17 years old and won numerous LGTBQ+ magnificence expos. The data became visible after MSNBC journalist Marisa Kabas posted a photograph and claimed that the individual in the picture was Santos dressed as a cross dresser back in 2008.

Kabas likewise guaranteed that she talked with a Brazilian cross dresser who was purportedly companions with Santos when he lived close to Rio de Janeiro and performed under the stage name Kitara Revache.

The New York Post likewise deciphered a Portuguese video and guaranteed that Santos was supposedly seen examining acting in haul in the clasp. The video was likewise posted web-based by the Everyday Mail.

Santos later said that reports and recordings guaranteeing he proceeded as a cross dresser are “incredible” and “completely misleading.”

As per Politico, a Wikipedia client named Devmaster88 altered George Santos’ public Wikipedia page in November and changed the part about his own life. The client likewise altered his center name.

Simultaneously, another client named georgedevolder22 additionally supposedly altered Santos’ public Wikipedia page and altogether eliminated his center name, Anthony Devolder, to abbreviate his authority name in his ongoing Wiki life story.

George Santos has kept on standing out as truly newsworthy since the created subtleties of his resume became exposed. All the more as of late, a 2011 Wikipedia page under his nom de plume name Anthony Devolder was gotten to by Politico and uncovered claimed individual insights regarding his previous existence.

As the Wikipedia page circulated around the web on the web, a few virtual entertainment clients took to Twitter to respond to the new cases about Santos:

While responses kept on pouring in on Twitter, Politico revealed that Santos’ correspondences chief didn’t remark on Anthony Devolder’s Wikipedia page or its supposed association with George Santos.

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