The Moqri Palace: Where electricity and spiritual energies meet

In the Moroccan city of Fez, where the carnal meets the spiritual, there is a palace built by the prosperous Moqri family, a palace where electricity flows alongside more subtle esoteric energies.

Through an iron gate and down a cobblestone ramp that winds around a small garden, travelers pass through an arched doorway, a high-ceilinged corridor, and out into a long courtyard. It’s a bit Italian, but the zellij mosaic leaves no doubt as to its primarily Moroccan style.

Built in the late 19th century by the Moqris, a wealthy family of merchant origins who rose to prominence within Morocco’s royal government, the palace at the time was a truly pioneering design boasting several ingenious amenities.

The first of them, as the descendants of the family affirm today, was a power generator – a waterwheel powered by one of the many streams that flow down the side of the hill on which Fez had been built. The generator would power the entire house, providing a great deal of luxury at a time when the only other place in Morocco to be electrified was the coastal port city of Casablanca.

Another ingenious solution was an audio system that would transport the sound of the instruments played into a chamber located on the first floor of the building. The system consisted of a cylindrical conduit excavated in the walls of galleries and rooms. The duct was fitted with metal plates or metal tubes to increase sound reflection. Thanks to the gadget, visitors and residents of the house were able to enjoy music without necessarily leaving their activities.

Apart from technical inventions, Dar El-Moqri dazzles curious travelers with a colorful light show produced by its stained glass windows and impressive tile designs.. An enthusiastic observer will know immediately that there is more than meets the eye and that the meticulously arranged ceramic pieces are not the result of chance.

“Sacred geometry”

From symbols pertaining to all-seeing eyes, all-encompassing crosses and spheres to the matrix of the universe, the house is peppered with esoteric allusions. As a member of the Moqri family told TVP World, the founder and builder of the residence, Abdelsalam El-Moqri, organizes esoteric evenings in his palace where intellectuals and spirituals met to meditate and reflect on the basic components of reality and what lies beyond.

Perhaps one of the most striking examples of the “sacred geometry” bound in the tiles of the El-Moqri Palace is the model that represents the birth of the universe. From a burst of energy similar to the Big Bang, stars and light rays are emitted centrifugally. When the viewer looks away from the core of the creation, he can see that the mosaics are arranged and arranged in what resembles a starry sky. If one brings the eyes back to the central burst and relaxes the view, a peculiar phenomenon arises. Between the nucleus and the triangle-shaped rays being ejected, a blurry gap will appear, and the rays themselves will appear as if they are emitting their own soft light..

El-Moqri Palace is just one of the countless mysteries hidden throughout the city of Fez, so be sure to spend a couple of days exploring this true gem of culture and architecture when you visit Morocco.


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