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The Goldbergs Star Sees Show Lasting Longer Than A Decade

Sean Giambrone discusses the possibility of The Goldbergs continuing past the 1980s. The Goldbergs premiered on ABC in 2013 and was created by Adam F. Goldberg. The Goldbergs has been on for an impressive ten seasons and is loosely based on Goldberg’s childhood in the 1980s. The series follows his eccentric family in the Philadelphia suburb of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. The Goldbergs has shown the family grow and evolve over the years, with Adam first introduced as an 11-year-old, and in the season 9 finale, he graduated from high school.

The Goldbergs is set in 1980-something even though the show is now in its tenth season. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Giambrone, who plays Adam Goldberg, reveals that he wants to continue telling Adam’s stories for years to come. He also teases his desire to continue The Goldbergs past the 1980s while acknowledging that he would like to continue telling these stories in 1980-something.

We have been through so many adventures with The Goldbergs, but how much further do you see the show going? Are you hoping to stick around until Adam himself has kids?

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The Goldbergs ingeniously use a vague indicator of the year, with the older version of Adam (Patton Oswlat) always referencing 1980-something at the beginning of the episodes. This gives the creators the freedom to continue telling stories set in the 1980s indefinitely, especially because they are meant to be based on memories. If it were leaning into specific years, The Goldbergs would eventually need to move beyond the 1980s, but because of the clever 1980-something setting, they have the freedom to continue in this time period.

However, while the 1980s have become an iconic backdrop for the Goldberg family exploring their lives beyond the 80s has already been touched upon in the short-lived spin-off series Schooled which was set in the 1990s. Schooled followed Barry Goldberg’s first love, Lainey Lewis, after she returns to Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, and begins teaching. Schooled gave a peek into Bayry, Beverly, and Erica Goldberg’s lives and what they look like in the 1990s.

While The Goldbergs can obviously exist beyond the 1980s, it may be smart to stay in the 1980s era. The nostalgia surrounding this period of time and its charm elevates the comedy. Because The Goldbergs is based on Adam’s childhood memories, it lends itself well to the idea that he is infusing fondness into the memory, even through the vague 1980-something descriptor. While The Goldbergs can undoubtedly leave the 1980s and continue to succeed, staying in that time period gives the stories an unexpectedly timeless feel because of the illogical setting.

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