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The Challenge: Why Amber Borzotra Deserves More Respect

Amber Borzotra is currently competing in The Challenge: Ride or Dies and deserves more respect from other Challengers. Amber first broke into reality TV by competing on Big Brother and later appeared on MTV’s The Challenge for the first time during The Challenge: Double Agents. After an underrated performance all season, Amber made it to the final despite the odds in her rookie season and partnered up with The Challenge legend Chris “C.T.” Tamburello to ultimately win Double Agents. Not only did Amber beat out the other women competing for their share of $1 million, but she also beat C.T. himself to the finish line.

Amber’s The Challenge career has been incredibly impressive throughout her three seasons. Some veterans of the show continue to compete for multiple years in a row without making it to the final, let alone winning the entire game, but Amber’s performance in the epic Double Agents final made the feat seem easy. She also currently holds a 5:1 elimination record, 2 of those wins being earned so far this season on Ride or Dies against legendary Challengers Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo, as well as talented rookie Nurys Mateo.

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Despite Amber’s impressive resume on The Challenge, she isn’t given enough respect from other competitors. In episode 11, when Moriah Jadea pulled the safe sword and was allowed to save either Amber or veteran Nany Gonzalez, Moriah ultimately chose Nany. Prioritizing Nany over Amber doesn’t make sense when comparing their track records so far on the show. Likewise, Amber wasn’t given enough priority by Moriah and Faysal Shafaat when they were choosing their teammates. Despite Amber and her ride-or-die Chauncey Palmer’s skills, they haven’t been considered among teams that could win The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

One reason Amber shouldn’t be underestimated is her ability to handle a wide variety of eliminations. On Ride or Dies, Amber has used her stature to her advantage during her elimination against Darrell and Veronica by nimbly climbing up and down several levels of netting. In her solo elimination against Nurys, she utilized her strength and flexibility to maintain control in a spin on The Challenge‘s classic pole wrestle. Amber’s time on Big Brother could be credited for giving her experience with different competitions, allowing her to form strategies quickly. Amber’s comeback to reality TV after Big Brother proved that she could adapt to a new show’s format.

Amber, who’s no longer with Jeremy White, should also be considered a threat by others on The Challenge due to her winning performance in the Double Agents finale, which proved her endurance. C.T. chose to work with Amber specifically because he knows she has amazing running skills, knowing she wouldn’t slow down or stop no matter what. The competitors on The Challenge: Ride or Dies may overlook Amber’s abilities until the final, only to find that her skills and endurance could secure her another victory. Though it may work for her game to fly under the radar, considering Amber’s experience being targeted on Spies, Lies, and Allies, Big Brother alum Amber deserves to be acknowledged as a fierce competitor with a stellar track record.

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