Swiss double: Zogg and Caviezel win PSL Bansko

The biggest surprise in the men’s races was the difficulties in qualifying for some of the season’s best riders who came to Bansko. Payer qualified one place ahead of Stefan Baumeister (GER), third in PSL before Bansko, who took the final spot in 16th. Overall tour leader Andreas Prommegger (AUT) was 12th, while Maurizio Bormolini, second in PSL and third overall before Bansko, was ninth.

Only Prommegger was able to score important points in Bansko, claiming 32 points for eighth place after being knocked out in the quarter-finals by fourth-fastest qualifier Edwin Coratti (ITA).

Payer’s 16 points were enough to keep him ahead of his two main rivals in the PSL title race after neither he nor Bormolini or Baumeister made it past Caviezel, Obmann and Arvid Auner (AUT) in the quarter-finals. , respectively.

Payer now has 196 PSL points with Bormolini on 166. Today’s final big competitors, in which Caviezel beat Obmann after the Austrian stumbled early in the race to leave the Swiss with a clear run to the finish, they sit at 156 and 152, respectively. , taking them ahead of Baumeister on the 135.

Prommegger remains at the top of the combined standings with 326 after six of 13 races, while Payer is second (288). Caviezel surpasses Bormolini with 280, with the Italian at 272.

“It was just amazing today for me,” said Caviezel. “It was my first slalom win and it feels amazing. Today has been a hard day but, honestly, the organization has done a very good job and the slope has been good. It was important to be in the top four in qualifying. I did it, I was second so I could choose every race and it was a great day for me.”

“I see the possibility and the chance to get a good result tomorrow as well, so I’m very excited.”

Sunday’s race starts at 12:00 CET.

Positions after 3 of 6 races on the men’s PSL tour
1 Alexander Payer (AUT) 196 points
2 Maurizio Bormolini (ITA) 166 points
3 Dario Caviezel (SUI) 156 points
4 Fabian Obmann (AUT) 152 points
5 Stefan Baumeister (GER) 135 points

Positions after 6 of 13 races on the men’s overall tour
1 Andreas Prommegger (AUT) 326 points
2 Alexander Payer (AUT) 288 points
3 Dario Caviezel (SUI) 280 points
4 Maurizio Bormolini (ITA) 272 points

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