Stray vets team treats pets of homeless Skid Row residents

Dr. Kwane inspects a homeless woman’s dog – credit The Street Vet

Not many are willing to voluntarily go out for the day on Skid Row, let alone with the goal of giving things away, but Dr. Kwane Stewart, aka “The Street Vet,” is almost famous for it. .

Kwane runs Project Street Vet, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, which takes donations and volunteers to the streets and homeless encampments to provide free medical care for their pets, and last year they were able to help nearly 600 animals to receive medical attention. care.

An estimated 10-25% of the homeless population in the United States owns pets for companionship and sometimes security. It goes without saying that many do not have the means to properly care for these animals, whom they often love more than anything in the world.

In 1997, Stewart was buried in student loan debt when he graduated from the University of Colorado, before jumping from one seedy bailout shelter to the next. Frustrated with his career choice, he began spending a few hours a day providing free medical care for the pets of the homeless in Los Angeles.

This continued for 7 years until he had an encounter with show business that generated Dr. Kwane: the street vet, a one-season Canadian television show that drew pet supply companies, volunteers, and philanthropists to its mission.

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In 2020, he and his brother Ian started a non-profit organization that provides free exams, vaccinations, flea medicines, supplies, and information to homeless people on how to raise their animals with the limited means they have.

Charities partner with animal clinics and Project Street Vet to open pop-up clinics where homeless people can bring their pets in for even more sophisticated medical care, as well as procedures like spaying and neutering. Project Street Vet also helps qualified pet parents with the veterinary care of their pets through financial assistance grants.

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Their website produced a 2021 annual review that they describe as very generous.

Its 2022 activity report in Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Webster, Florida, reports that Project Street Vet saw and helped nearly 600 pets, as well as nearly 150 people, receive financial assistance.

They are completely dependent on charitable contributions, and anyone who wants to donate time or money can do so here.

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