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Steven Spielberg Explains His Involvement In The Indiana Jones TV Show

Franchise creator Steven Spielberg explains how involved he is in Disney’s upcoming Indiana Jones TV show. After stepping away from directing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Spielberg has left the franchise’s future in the hands of director James Mangold and executives at Lucasfilm. As the final touches are put on Harrison Ford’s final movie as Indiana Jones, the expansion of the franchise is also being developed. Reports previously circulated that Lucasfilm was in the early stages of working on an Indiana Jones TV show for Disney+. Not many details about the series have been revealed to this point, including who is involved.

The Indiana Jones TV show is a continuation of the franchise that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas created during the 1980s, but it appears that the renowned director is not heavily involved in the series’ development. During an interview with Deadline, Spielberg was asked about his knowledge of the Indiana Jones series and if he was involved in it as he considers what to make next after The Fabelmans. He admitted that he is only “peripherally involved” in the show’s development. Instead, it seems that Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny director James Mangold is leading the charge.

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With so few details revealed about the Indiana Jones TV show, what the series will actually be about and who it will feature has been left to speculation. It is known that the show will not feature Harrison Ford’s surprise return as Indiana Jones. The series will also not recast the iconic character, as Lucasfilm has stated this will never happen. In addition to eliminating the possibility of Indiana Jones starring in the Disney+ show, James Mangold has confirmed that Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Helena will not be the star of the series. As a result, it appears that the Indiana Jones show is not a direct spinoff from Dial of Destiny.

The most popular suggestion for what the Indiana Jones TV show is about is Short Round. Ke Huy Quan’s career revival thanks to Everything Everywhere All At Once, which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor, has made the calls for his return as Short Round grow even louder. There is plenty of interest in Quan leading the Indiana Jones TV show, giving the franchise a chance to give a fan-favorite character a much bigger role. A potential Short Round spinoff show could follow him as he travels the world on new adventures, much like his former hero.

It is also possible that the Indiana Jones TV show will feature other familiar characters from the franchise but in a new light. There have been reports that Marion Ravenwood’s father, Abner Ravenwood, could be the main character of such a series. This would make the Indiana Jones series a prequel to the entire movie franchise and introduce audiences to a new hero, as Abner has never been featured in the films. As long as Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is a success, development on the Indiana Jones TV show should continue to move forward, even if Steven Spielberg is not heavily involved.

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Source: Deadline

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