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Star Trek Sets Up An Ancient Canon Species As Its New God-Killers

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #3!There is a god-killer loose in the Star Trek universe, and the culprits may be the T’Kon, a canonical but never before seen species. In IDW Publishing’s new Star Trek #3, Q, after testing Captain Sisko and the crew of the USS Theseus, offers a hint to the identity of the God Killer, telling Sisko to seek out the T’Kon–but what exactly do these mysterious beings, thought to be long extinct, have to offer? Could they be behind the massacre of the god-like beings?

The issue, written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, illustrated by Ramon Rosanas and Joe Eisma, colored by Lee Loughridge and lettered by Clayton Cowles, sees Q pay a call on the Theseus. While Q plans to flee the god-killer, he cannot resist one last prank before he leaves; the crew is successful in outwitting Q, and as Q prepares to depart, he advises Sisko to “seek out the God City of T’Kon.”

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The T’Kon appeared in the episode “The Last Outpost,” airing in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation; the crew of the Enterprise, while following a Ferengi vessel, strayed into what used to be T’Kon space, and both crews encountered the last remnants of the dead empire. The T’Kon Empire, extinct for hundreds of thousands of years, had fantastic technology that surpassed even Star Trek‘s Federation; the last survivor of the Empire forced the Federation and Ferengi crews to fight for their survival. The T’Kon were never mentioned on-screen again and indeed the episode is more noteworthy among fans for being the introduction of the Ferengi. However, writers of licensed Star Trek novels have created a rich backstory for the T’Kon Empire, one that gives them ties to Q and his people, referred to as “The Q Continuum.” In these novels, an evil entity brought to our reality by a young Q was responsible for the destruction of the T’Kon Empire. Like all licensed tie-in fiction set in the Star Trek universe, the canonicity of the novels is questionable, yet it would appear the comics are drawing on some aspects of the novels–namely Q’s (indirect) role in destroying the Empire.

And now an older, wiser Q is advising Captain Sisko to seek out the T’Kon Empire’s God City, which may hold the key to the god-killer mystery. According to the lore established by the writers of the novels, a few T’Kon survived the fall of their empire, and relocated throughout the galaxy–could the T’Kon survivors be the ones who built the god-killer? The survivors watched their mighty empire laid to waste by a malevolent god-like being; have they been biding their time, slowly building the god-killer technology, waiting for the right moment to strike and avenge their fallen comrades? Even after the development the T’Kon have received in tie-in media, there is still much about them to explore, and the comics are the perfect place to flesh this fascinating backstory out even further. By making the T’Kon the potential antagonists, it brings their story full circle; they were destroyed by god-like beings, and now they will have their revenge.

Solicitations for future issues of Star Trek have promised a major, high-stakes showdown at the God City of the T’Kon. Q did not give Sisko any clue as to what the God City is, or where it is located, but with a name like that, it promises to be something beyond the reader’s imaginations. The T’Kon, a canonical but never discussed species, is preparing for a potential upgrade as the Star Trek universe’s god-killer.

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Star Trek #3 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!

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