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Sister Wives: Why Robyn Brown Wasn't Kody’s Only Unique Relationship

While many Sister Wives fans feel that Kody Brown has a special bond with Robyn Brown, she is trying to argue that the patriarch had unique relationships with all his former wives. Even though Kody is currently down to one legal wife, he loved all four women at certain points in his life. As fans take deep dives into his past, many are noticing that nothing about Kody’s plural marriages was normal.

From a young age, Kody wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, by becoming a part of a Mormon sect that practices polygamy. The father of 18 shared his enthusiasm for plural marriage, noting that love should be multiplied, but never divided. However, as time wore on, the Sister Wives star seemed to fall out of love with the idea of multiple wives, as he grew tired of the daily drama. With three failed marriages behind him, his fourth wife, Robyn, tried to suggest that each union had been singular and memorable in its own way, leaving followers stunned.

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During the third part of the Sister Wives tell-all, Robyn snapped back at the host, Sukanya Krishnan, after she asked why her marriage seemed so much more special than the other three. Naturally, Robyn rejected the claim, noting that she wasn’t the only spouse to have a “unique” relationship with Kody. The mother of five revealed that she had watched Kody try to maintain his romances with Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown, even when they had, “stretch marks” and, “weight gain.” Robyn brushed away the idea of being her husband’s soul mate, noting that she just tried harder.

Robyn took her opinions a step further as she tore apart Christine, Janelle, and Meri for their lackadaisical attitudes about their own marriages. As Robyn pointed out that Christine and Janelle made their own “choices” when it came to Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules, she doubled down. She even went so far as to say that Christine had something special with Kody, but didn’t take, “care of it.” Robyn stood her ground about not being the only wife to have a unique relationship, but she lost Sister Wives fans when she made fun of each wife’s weight gain and post-baby bodies, seemingly implying that they were lazy.

Sister Wives fans have little sympathy for Robyn, who has been Kody’s favorite for years. There has never been any doubt that she has gotten extensive special treatment and, at times, been treated like his only wife. Many viewers feel that the family dynamics started to go downhill when she entered the family in 2012. While Robyn may not believe that she was the only one in a unique marriage, followers think she may be a bit delusional.

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