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Sister Wives: Inside Janelle's First Trip Since Splitting From Kody

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives is not wasting time crying over Kody Brown, and spent time traveling with her children instead. The second wife of Kody has always come across with a level head, even amid her issues with him. However, after years of living in a plural family, Janelle seems more than happy to sneak in a few well-earned getaways.

While most of Kody’s wives would stay quiet and not argue with him, Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown would make her opinion known, as she often voiced her concerns. The two married in 1993, shortly after he wed Meri Brown, but married life was not what the mother of six had hoped it would be. While Janelle always worked, she seemed frustrated with her lack of control over her own life. The couple’s issues came to a boiling point when Kody refused to mend his relationships with their older sons.

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Only a few weeks after Janelle confirmed that her and Kody’s relationship was over on the Sister Wives Tell-All, she was spotted at Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. In several of Janelle’s Instagram Stories, the Sister Wives star shared that she was at Disneyland with her youngest daughter, Savanah Brown, to celebrate her 18th birthday. The vacation was all about their mother and daughter bond, with Kody nowhere in sight. One post showed both Janelle and Savanah wearing mouse ears and smiling.

Janelle joked that her daughter, who is soon headed off to college, made her wear the ears. The Sister Wives star shared that Savanah “outscored” her on the Toy Story ride, which includes an interactive 4D moving cart that has Disneyland guests shooting at targets. Janelle shared that she hadn’t been an avid player of video games, so she didn’t stand a chance. Janelle shared a few more snaps of herself posing in front of other rides and having the time of her life.

Janelle is choosing not to sit around and wait to be mourned by Kody, as she knows that day will never come. During the Sister Wives reunion Tell-All, Janelle made it clear that the couple had a good run, but she wasn’t going to waste any more of her life. Janelle shockingly revealed that she hadn’t been heartbroken, and accepted that the life she knew with Kody had ended. She seemed more than happy to get out of the house and enjoy a memorable trip with her daughter.

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Source: Janelle Brown/Instagram

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