Serial suspects arrested after robbing 5 banks

INDIANAPOLIS — Two people are behind bars accused of committing a series of bank robberies in Indianapolis.

The spate of robberies came to an end after the suspects were caught in the act this week.

IMPD claims that the pair of suspects committed five bank robberies in six weeks beginning in early December.

Those locations include a Chase Bank on West Washington Street, followed by a Chase Bank on Speedway, then another Chase Bank on Shadeland, back to the Chase Bank on Washington for the second time, and finally a Chase Bank on Castle Creek.

“Certainly we are happy that we were able to get these two individuals off the streets,” said IMPD Officer William Young. “The main thing is that I’m glad no one was hurt.”

IMPD said that while no one was injured during any of the robberies, Darius Davis, 26, and India Wilborn, 24, are now charged with the series of crimes.

According to the affidavit, IMPD and FBI agents identified the suspects and then placed the couple under surveillance and watched as they hired a Lyft driver to drive them to the Castle Creek location on Wednesday.

Officers quickly put a stop to that carpool after the suspects tried to get away from their fifth and final robbery. Police claim that both suspects later confessed to the crimes.

“We hope those suspects understand that our detectives are working very hard to protect our community,” Young said.

Officer Young insists that IMPD continues to crack down on serial thieves, using undercover teams to track trends and make arrests.

Police believe that approach contributed to a significant drop in the total number of robbery cases last year compared to 2021. Police across the city reported a decline of more than 11 percent.

“It helps bring the numbers down, especially with tips provided by the community,” Young said. “We want to continually make sure that number goes down. A lot of that is down to our undercover robbery detectives.”

Both suspects are in custody on initial charges of armed robbery. Both are due to appear in court for an initial hearing next week.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The female suspect was identified in police reports as India Wilborn. She is listed in jail records and court records as India Wilburn.

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