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See Peach Momoko Create Stunning Captain Britain Cover in BTS Video

The beloved and critically acclaimed artist Peach Momoko recently revealed a truly stunning behind-the-scenes look at her creation of a variant cover for Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #1, depicting the iconic Captain Britain in all her glory.

Peach Momoko has been creating gorgeous art for years, but became incredibly popular for her ethereal Marvel Comics covers she created as part of their first Stormbreakers class, as well as the critical reception to her “Momokoverse” series Demon Days and the ongoing Demon Wars. Momoko’s unique style often blends styles and perspectives, and her absolutely beautiful cover of Betsy Braddock is revealed to be a phenomenal blending of precise ink work and vibrant watercolor.

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Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain – written by Betsy Braddock expert Tini Howard (Excalibur, Knights of X) with interior art by Vasco Georgiev – is an upcoming series that focuses on Betsy returning to Britain and Krakoa after her time spent in Otherworld, adventuring with her brother Brian and her new love interest Rachel Summers. Braddock will be forced to deal with being the face of a country that actively hates mutants, as Britain’s government has stood against Krakoa since it’s founding, and will see the hero needing to redefine her present and future alongside Askani and Captain Avalon. Betsy’s time as Captain Britain has been building for years now, ever since she took up the mantle in Excalibur #1 after the dark corruption of her brother Brian by the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, and this series will see the return of Le Fay as the witch attempts vengeance on Betsy and her loved ones. Peach Momoko recently unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at her variant cover for Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #1 on her Instagram, sharing her artistic process with her fans and followers, and showing the truly magical way in which her stunning art is created.

Momoko’s video starts with the artist’s final inking of the cover, showing Betsy Braddock in her Captain Britain costume and wielding her powerful Starlight Sword, an impressive display of her mighty status as protector of Otherworld, and hopefully Britain as well. Peach then begins to watercolor the piece of art, somehow making an incredibly difficult, skilled process look effortless, and using the dripping, spreading nature of the paint to create a level of depth and nuance to the color that transcends standard ink or digital coloring. Of course, these days, there are many digital tools that are able to replicate watercolor work, but there is something about seeing Peach Momoko doing the watercolor painting herself that adds a magical, special nature to the piece, and makes her high output of stunning covers even more impressive. While Marvel Comics are often a world of vibrant color, Betsy Braddock’s power signature is always displayed in hues of purple and pink, so Momoko’s delicate pastel coloring of this variant color is truly perfect for Betsy’s aesthetic. It is really enjoyable to watch Peach’s process, seeing the way that she uses paper towel blotting to create realistic shading and impressive depths of color, and it’s clear that she has spent years perfecting her skills around watercolor, which has resulted in impressive pieces of art like this variant cover.

Peach Momoko’s watercolor covers for Marvel Comics and beyond are always astounding and magical, and it is a true pleasure to watch her behind-the-scenes reveal of how she created her gorgeous variant cover of Captain Britain for Betsy’s upcoming solo series.

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Source: Peach Momoko

Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #1 from Marvel Comics debuts on February 22nd, 2023.

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