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Royals And Nikee Fight Video Goes Viral: What Happened Between Them? Details Explained

There is a fighting video gathering a lot of attention and went viral on the internet in which Royals and Nikee are seen as fighting together. This video is gaining lots of attention and popularity on various social media pages. This video shows a fight between the parents of Codero James Brady’s children who is most popular as Cj so Cool and has a massive amount of fans around the world on his social media platforms. Let us discuss why this fight happened and also know some other information related to this incident in this article, so read continuously.

As per the exclusive reports and information, A video went viral that shows the alleged fight between Royalty Johnson and Nikee Lewis, and this video was posted on Instagram. In this video, we can see that both are abusing each other and this happens just after some days of a home invasion where CJ was reportedly shot several times. After spreading the news of things escalated this fight became serious. Ni’kee shares her children with CJ and they both were in a relationship before coming into a relationship with Royalty. This video is available on various pages of social media pages.

Royals And Nikee Fight Video Goes Viral

If we talk about the Codero James Brady also known as Cj so cool was born on 29 March 1989 in Gary, Indiana. He has a youtube channel with around 8.88 million subscribers where he uploads his daily life and prank videos the name of his channel is CJ SO COOL and around a total of 5.2 million followers on his Instagram page. He is also known as a musician and a popular star on Youtube. He is currently 33 years old and married to Royalty Johnson whose real name is Charlene Johnson. The couple is currently living together in Las Vegas and they had two children as well as twins.

He has a daughter from his previous relationship with Cordayah. He was working as a poker dealer, blackjack, and casino craps dealer before making his career in the industry of Youtube. He works hard and gives his best to become a successful Youtuber. He grew up with his maternal grandmother because his father was arrested at his young and his mother was fighting an addiction to drugs. He begins his youtube account in 2014 where he didn’t get a good response but he never give up. This video is rapidly running on the internet and various social media pages where various netizens share their responses to this fight.

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