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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Defeat Gym Leader Tulip

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet followed the series’ tradition of introducing eight new gym leaders, one of which is the Bewitching Beautician, Tulip, of the Alfornada Gym. Specializing in Psychic-type Pokémon, Gym Leader Tulip daylights as a makeup artist and takes on gym challengers in her spare time. Although beautiful, Tulip and her team should not be underestimated. To defeat the Alfornada Gym, trainers will need to know how to expertly combat a variety of powerful Psychic-type Pokémon.

Scarlet & Violet continue Generation 8’s gym feature of showcasing gym battles as celebratory events, cheered on by fellow Pokémon lovers and trainers from across the region. Several of Paldea’s gym leaders are regional celebrities who draw large crowds of adoring fans to each battle.

Players may recognize Gym Leader Tulip from her billboard in Levincia, where they first battled the electric social media influencer, Iono. Tulip’s image is hard to miss and speaks volumes of the Gym Leader’s Psychic-type prestige.

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Scarlet & Violet’s gyms have received criticism for posing little challenge to experienced players, but each gym across Paldea offers unique tests that require challengers to exercise much more than just their battling skills. For example, Tulip’s gym test, dubbed Emotional Spectrum practice, or ESP for short, is run by Dendra, the battling teacher at the Academy. With her partner, Medicham, Dendra instructs players to copy the emotions of her Pokémon using the A, B, X, and Y buttons. There are only two rounds of ESP, both followed by battles with gym trainers.

According to the Youtube channel Distortion World, to pass the gym test and win both battles, players must hone their reflexes alongside a partner Pokémon that is strong against Psychic-types. One of the many formidable Ghost-type Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet will do exceptionally well here, but Dark- and Bug-types will also serve as reliable partners. If players are without Pokémon of these types, they can use Ghost-, Dark-, and Bug-type moves to land super-effective hits against their opponents. Once they’ve passed both rounds of ESP and defeated the Alfornada gym trainers, players can then challenge the Bewitching Beautician herself.

Before challenging any gym leader, it’s a good idea for trainers to save their progress in case their gym challenge is unsuccessful or they have not come prepared. As a Psychic-type specialist, Gym Leader Tulip has some of the best Psychic-Types in Scarlet & Violet on her team, consisting of Farigiraf, Gardevoir, Espathra, and Florges — a traditional Fairy-type whose Tera-Type here is Psychic. To defeat Tulip, players should ensure that they are using Pokémon with type advantages. Otherwise, Tulip’s team of Psychic-types will likely best even the most versatile teams.

When battling Tulip, several types will have an advantage over the gym leader’s team of Psychic- and dual-types, the most effective being Ghost-, Dark-, and Bug-type Pokémon. However, Steel- and even Poison-type Pokémon will battle well against Tulip’s Gardevoir — although trainers should be aware that Psychic-type moves are super-effective against Poison-type Pokémon. Given Tulip’s team, the Bug/Poison-Type, Venomoth, and the Bug/Steel-Type, Forretress, would make particularly advantageous partners. However, players have plenty of options to choose from the other powerful Bug-Types in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet that will surely lead them to a gym victory.

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Source: Youtube/Distortion World

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