PMDG’s 737-700 for MSFS is Now Available on the in-sim Marketplace

Following its release in May 2022, many simmers have been hoping to see the PMDG 737-700 for MSFS arrive in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. That has now happened with the plane now available to purchase via the in-sim store.

The Boeing 737 is one of the most popular aircraft in the skies today and is known across the world for being a workhorse. Airlines use the aircraft to fly short and medium-haul routes across the world and now PMDG has brought the iconic plane to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Available now only for PC, this version of the plane looks to be exactly the same build as what is currently available via the PMDG store.

Included with the package is the 737-700 body type, which includes the passenger variant, the BBJ variant and also a cargo variant. As per the real-world 737-700, you can also select between winglets or split scimitars models.

As with other PMDG products of the past, the 737 for MSFS includes deep system simulation. Each action you take as a virtual pilot will have an effect on other systems, thus meaning care and attention needs to be given in order for the plane to fly correctly. The plane also has accurate flight modelling, a custom autopilot feature and plenty of other goodies behind the scenes that help make this one of the deepest simulated planes currently available for the platform.

PMDG has also included detailed modelling, PBR texture work and an authentic sound pack that has been recorded from the real aircraft.

You can buy the 737-700 for MSFS via the in-sim Marketplace now for $69.99. It’s available exclusively for PC but is, hoping to be on Xbox once the WASM issues are resolved in Sim Update 12.

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