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Ozzy Osbourne Admits He’s Nervous About New Docuseries

Ozzy Osbourne of The Osbournes has revealed that he is “nervous” about being involved with a reality show once again. The musician and reality TV star, along with wife Sharon Osbourne and children Kelly Osbourne and Jack Osbourne, began their reality TV careers with The Osbournes. The show premiered in 2002 and ran for four seasons on MTV. Now, the Osbourne family will feature in BBC’s forthcoming Home to Roost centered on Ozzy and Sharon’s move back to the UK.

In a recent interview, Ozzy shared his apprehensions about participating in the world of reality television after his previous experiences. “I don’t know how The Kardashians have done it for so long—it sent us crazy in the end,” he told a British tabloid. According to a report from Metal Injection, The Black Sabbath lead singer went on to explain that he is “not sorry he did” the original reality show, but eventually, the family developed so many unhealthy patterns that he was sure he’d “lose somebody because it is getting too crazy.”

Ozzy also shared information about Kelly and Jack’s drug use that he feels was somewhat related to their notoriety as a reality TV family. “The kids paid for it. They all ended up doing drugs. Jack got clean and sober on that show, Kelly messed up on that show, I was messed up and Sharon got cancer.”

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Despite the traumatic experiences of the past, Ozzy has agreed to participate in Home to Roost as an ultimate act of love. Wife Sharon Osbourne wants to revamp her TV career through this new project, and she and Ozzy have come to an understanding that he needs to participate in the show, most likely in a bid to get more viewers. Home to Roost will follow Ozzy and Sharon in their international move from their residence in Beverly Hills to their new house in Buckinghamshire Village. While Kelly and Jack no longer live with them—Kelly Osbourne is a recent mom to a baby boy and Jack Osbourne has four children of his own—they will be participating in the project. The show will also document Kelly’s journey into motherhood and Sharon Osbourne’s 70th birthday party, which took place last October.

Part of the original success of The Osbournes drew from the originality of the show’s format, as reality TV was a still-developing concept in the early aughts. Perhaps by bringing the entire clan together again (although the Osbourne’s oldest daughter, Aimee, will not be appearing in the project), the Osbournes and BBC can draw upon the nostalgia of the original show and its previous widespread success.

As far as families go, it’s easy to understand why a father would be hesitant to get his family involved in an experience after The Osbournes ended up being so tumultuous for Ozzy, Sharon, and their kids. Ultimately, though, the show itself will boil down to family support, in general. It’s Kelly and Jack’s turn to support their parents as they make this major life change and go back to a country they left over 20 years ago. Hopefully, Kelly and Jack’s new-found stability in their own lives can be a touchstone for their parents as the Osbournes are brought back together once more in front of the cameras.

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Source: Metal Injection

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