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One of Us Is Lying & Vampire Academy Cancelled at Peacock

Two major young adult television series, One of Us is Lying and Vampire Academy, are officially been cancelled at Peacock. Based on the 2017 novel of the same name, One of Us is Lying first premiered in October 2021 and was renewed for season 2 in January 2022. Though season 2 premiered in October 2022, both seasons received fairly average reviews. Vampire Academy is also based on a book series of the same name from the late 2000s and was even adapted into a feature film in 2014. Despite the film being a box-office bomb, a television adaptation premiered in September 2022 and similarly received mixed reviews.

According to a report from Deadline, Vampire Academy has been cancelled after one season, and One of Us is Lying has been cancelled after two seasons. Peacock, a child company of Universal Studio Group, has indicated that while they were creatively happy with both series, neither show had a large enough audience to warrant a renewal. Both series did perform well enough, however, to be made available to several international markets.

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Vampire Academy actor J. August Richards (Victor Dashkov) took to Twitter to express his thoughts over the show’s cancelation. Richards begins by thanking both Vampire Academy fans and the series’ showrunners before going on to speak to other actors who might be worried about their projects being cancelled. Richards says that he doesn’t “feel sad about it” because actors are constantly “moving from experience to experience,” and it’s important to take things like series cancelations in stride. Richards says he views the show’s cancelation as an opportunity to take what he learned on Vampire Academy and put it towards future acting roles.

While Vampire Academy only had one season, One of Us is Lying had a longer run, and season 2 ended on a powerful note. Showrunner Erica Saleh spoke about what a potential season 3 storyline for the series could’ve looked like, saying that while season 1 had flashbacks and season 2 was centered in the present, season 3 might’ve focused more on flashforwards. Though the season 2 finale saw Fiona getting put behind bars, the finale scene’s bloody flashforward foreshadowed more trouble still to come in season 3, which, unfortunately, will not transpire.

One of Us is Lying and Vampire Academy are the latest shows to face cancelation in 2023, joining a slew of others that have been announced over the past month. In January alone, it has been announced that major series like Uncoupled, 1899, The Mosquito Coast, and Snowpiercer would not be renewed, leaving speculations about what other series will be getting an untimely ax. While two of Peacock’s YA series have now been cancelled, both One of Us is Lying and Vampire Academy are thankfully adapted series, meaning the original books can fill in the remaining story.

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Source: Deadline

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