New Data Shows Colorado Traffic Deaths Hit Near Record Level in 2022

DENVER (KKTV) – Newly released data from the Colorado Department of Transportation shows that 750 people died on state highways in 2022, making it the highest number of traffic fatalities seen since 1981, according to a statement from press release sent out by CDOT on Friday.

That same press release went on to say that 2022 saw a record number of motorcycle and pedestrian fatalities, prompting officials to develop a comprehensive plan to address the rising trend in traffic fatalities.

CDOT officials say the agency is partnering with the Colorado State Patrol and Division of Motor Vehicles to launch a new campaign called the “Advanced Transportation Safety Program.” According to the press release, this program will focus on four key areas including: safe drivers, safe people, safe roads, and post-crash care.

In addition to the new safety campaign, CDOT and CSP officials say the agencies will collaborate with local law enforcement, community groups and municipalities to address the problem.

On Monday, officials from CDOT, CSP and the Division of Motor Vehicles will host a virtual press conference to share new data on traffic fatalities in 2022 and provide more details on their response going forward.

Speakers expected to attend include:

  • Keith Stefanik – Deputy Chief Engineer, CDOT
  • Colonel Matthew Packard – Chief of the Colorado State Patrol
  • Electra Bustle – Director, Department of Revenue and Division of Motor Vehicles
  • Patrick Chavez – Coordinator of the State Traffic Incident Management Program, CDOT

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